whiskey edith available on NM!

  1. Gone already! Sweet lord, someone is quick on the draw.
  2. Do you think it was Chucky??
  3. That was hot! but I was too slow ;(
  4. It could very well be Chucky - I dropped him in the mail 2 weeks ago from last Friday - be very careful!!
  5. Sorry to all that I have been haven't been posting...I even see that the Marketplace has closed! I haven't been here that long, but have been a avid seller on ebay for awhile now...I'm in the process of building my own site...takes awhile when you do it yourself!

    Anyway, I think I am returning my Edith so if you would like to PM me before I do...let me know...(to Megs and Vlad...I am sorry if that comment wasn't allowed...you can delete it...still figuring out how the forum works!:rolleyes:

    Can't believe how fast they sell out! I have the Chamois Edith & it is so gorgeous...trying to keep myself from keeping it!!! And p.s. I hate dealing with eBay!

    thompk (Kristy)
  6. They're up again on NM and BG at 6:25 pm EST - Good Luck!!
  7. still there at 6:40 Eastern...wonder if it's Chucky!!
  8. Wow, Edith is still on NM.com! Guess I didn't have to feel so rushed last time I ordered it from NM as soon as it popped up! :angel:
  9. Darn!! I always miss it!!!
  10. Drat, I was hoping to find a choco.