Whiskey, Creme Paddy or Bay Bag?


Whiskey, Creme, or Bay Bag?

  1. Whiskey Paddy

  2. Creme Paddy

  3. Camel Bay Bag

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  1. I need help...this is the last bag I want to purchase before I go on a purse ban, seriously.

    So, that's why I want it to be a good purchase. I was in NM last Friday and I saw the Bay bag and it's beautiful. The leather is buttery soft, it's so yummy, TDF. But, I also realized that my love and passion for the Paddy is so strong. I have the metallic silver and I WANT the whiskey Paddy so bad. I just can't get over it. I kept reaching for the Paddy. Then there's the creme Paddy...I don't know which color, whiskey or creme? Remember, I only want to get one bag. B/C I just bought three Gucci's within two months, two of them were on sale and the other was definitely not on sale.

    Okay, opinions please!
  2. Get the bay bag. I seriously love mine. I greet each new day with the happiness that one gets from carrying a smashing bag - and the bay is exactly that. IMHO:happydance:
  3. I say get the Whiskey Paddy now if you have found one that you absolutely love, and then wait a little bit and get the Bay Bag. It is INSANELY gorgeous! But definitely get hte paddy, as I have learned, once you get paddy fever- it does not matter how many other bags that you buy - you will always long for the paddy until you buy it!
  4. Creme patty.

  5. Jag, this is exactly how I'm feeling. Thank you!
  6. go for the paddy
  7. I love the Paddy (any color); haven't seen a Bay in person yet.:confused1: The quilted by looks great in pics though.
  8. :graucho: buy all three!!!:graucho:
  9. I was going to vote for cream as I'm personally obsessed with cream coloured bags... but after reading the whole question I'm voting for whiskey, it sounds like it's your true love (and it's beautiful rich colour!) :love:
  10. My vote is for a paddy in whiskey. The colour is amazing:love:
  11. Thank you all for your vote and your opinion really matters. I'm going to get the WHISKEY PADDY! NM has it online now, but I'm going to wait until April or May. My DH just saw the Gucci Boston Treasure Bag and he said, "You're out of hand now. You just got the brown bag (Gucci) and the silver bag (Gucci) within two months." So, I'm going to wait a little for the paddy. But, I know what I'm going to get now.
  12. :p good choice! good luck on finding ur dream whiskey paddy!
  13. Whiskey paddy! Whiskey is so rich and versatile!
  14. This is hard!
    I'm loving both creme and whiskey...so I'll be so torn if I have to decide...but you always have the option to have both :graucho:

    NM had whiskey on the website a couple of days ago but when I checked now it's gone..