Whiskey, Creme Paddy or Bay Bag?

  1. I need help...this is the last bag I want to purchase before I go on a purse ban, seriously.

    So, that's why I want it to be a good purchase. I was in NM last Friday and I saw the Bay bag and it's beautiful. The leather is buttery soft, it's so yummy, TDF. But, I also realized that my love and passion for the Paddy is so strong. I have the metallic silver and I WANT the whiskey Paddy so bad. I just can't get over it. I kept reaching for the Paddy. Then there's the creme Paddy...I don't know which color, whiskey or creme? Remember, I only want to get one bag. B/C I just bought three Gucci's within two months, two of them were on sale and the other was definitely not on sale.

    Okay, opinions please!
  2. In a way, it makes more "sense" to get the Bay bag. It's new and current and is a really nice bag. Tons of people who care about that sort of thing would tell you the Paddy is so over, blah, blah, blah. It happens to be one of my all-time favorite bags, so I am a little biased. You don't have a ton of Paddies, so maybe you should get the bag YOU love and keep coveting. Whiskey is a great color, probably more classic and usable than a lighter bag. Just one opinion.

  3. Thank you, I agree with you that it makes more "sense" to get the Bay bag, that's why I'm so confused :confused1:. Again, I totally agree with you and you are so right about people saying the Paddy is so over, but it's just something about it I just can't get over it. The reason why I didn't get the whiskey paddy sooner b/c I was purchasing the Gaucho bag, Gucci Britt bag, and the Gucci Boston Treasures bags.
  4. Here are pictures of my Whiskey and Blanc if it helps!


  5. Whiskey Paddy now, then get the Bay when it goes on sale later!
  6. sweetie I say go with the whiskey paddy. The leather in that color is really gorgeous. I think it looks better in whiskey than the creme color. I always worry about how a light color bag will hold up.
  7. Whiskey Paddy
  9. Thank you for the pics...I really like the whiskey. So far the whiskey is in the lead. Do you worry about your Blanc getting dirty?
  10. That's a good idea.