Whiskey color . . . .

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  1. Okay so here it is . . . I am afraid I am not going to like the whiskey color when my whiskey Mandy arrives. I am nervous!!!

    Background story: When I first saw the legacy line in the catalogue last year, I took one look at the Ali and had to have it. I had/still have a rather substantial black bag and I thought the whiskey was really pretty in the catalogue and online. So I dreamed of getting the Ali in Whiskey. Then one day I saw it in person, and I LOVED the style even more, but didn't LOVE the color. I thought it was too orangy. So after a new months of visiting and saving for the bag, I purchased the Ali in black. I saw the whiskey a few more times, sometimes I would like them, others I didn't. Sometimes I would like one bag and not the one right next to it. Obviously this is because of the variance between the color of the whiskey bags.

    Then one day I saw the whiskey in the Scottsdale (on vacation) store and all of the bags were totally scratched up but yet they looked oh, so beautiful. But I thought I had made the right decision in the getting the black because obviously the whiskey ruined easily. After returning home, I was talking to an SA at home and she told me that was how the whiskey was suppose to be. It scratched easily for a more vintage feel. SOLD. Now I had to have it. Strange, yes I know. But I loved this idea. And none of the ones I saw in AZ were too orangy.

    After months of still wanting something Whiskey, I decided to get the Mandy in whiskey and the legacy wristlet at the PCE. I received my wristlet and it is the perfect color. (It is not too orangy, like some of the ones I had seen were). It is oh, so beautiful and I LOVE it. Now, I am just waiting for Mandy to arrive. But I am starting to freaking out. I am worried that the Mandy I receive will be the too-orangy-for-Laura's-liking ones.

    Sorry, I am just being a spaz and I just realized that I wrote about book. But I just need a little reassurance, since I bought one of the most expensive legacy bags in a color that in some variances is too orangy for me.
  2. it will get less orangy with time you will love it!
  3. it DOES get less orangey and gets better with age. don't worry about scratches- i never had a problem with my whiskey shoulder bag.
  4. Agreed, it will change slightly a little darker and broken in looking, I think you will be happy with it.
  5. the whiskey will never be the same color or have the same feel every day because as each day goes by it changes just a lil bit and gets better and better
  6. Okay, so it might start out a little orangy and then the colors turns a little?!?! Because if that is the case, I am totally okay with that!
  7. if u really dont like it maybe u can get one of the bags from the store display
  8. The only problem with that is that the boutiques in my area no longer carry the legacy. And I thought that all of the legacy was going to these new "Legacy Stores"? That is what my SA told me.

    Either way, thank you all, I feel better knowing that the color actually deepens a little!!!:yes:
  9. I LOVE my whiskey satchel. No regrets about my choice. Here is mine, it is about six months old now


  10. i bought a whiskey Ali, and I didn't realize that the whiskey comes in different shades. So, tomorrow I'm going back to see if I can get a darker whiskey. It's kind of a drag, but I want my bag to be perfect.
  11. it will get darker when u wear it... the darker ones are probably the ones that have been handled the most i guess??

  12. I asked the SA today, and he told me that the whiskey does come in different shades, and showed me two display bags that were different...but you could be right, maybe they all end up the same shade. I'm just going to go tomorrow and ask to see a bunch of different ones - at the very least it will give me peace of mind.

  13. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
    Gah! Everytime I see that picture, I swear I dribble.

    Im so not a "brown" person....I love black (if you saw my collection I posted, you would see that LMAO)....

    But I just love your bag and with that green. Lordy:drool:

    wow, im a dork LOL
  14. it is a beautiful and unexpected combination
  15. I have a post ALI in BROWN, the SR gave me a list of colors and I requested BROWN. It is similar to your whiskey!