whiskey, choco, taupe, and grenat??? what about black kerala?


Feb 23, 2006
would it be too much to have all 4 paddy colors? another PF member graciously offered to me the Grenat, which of course I snatched up because red is so different than the other colors. and now i'm starting to really like the kerala in black. should i get rid of my whiskey once its fixed? or should i get rid of some of my old LV's that i don't use?
It sounds like you are ready to part with your LVs. As a member of Paddy Overload Buyers Anonymous, I would caution you about another paddy purchase. I am guilty, guilty, guilty of taking advantage of the "opportunity" to purchase and then finding it difficult to use all of my amazing bags. I now tell myself I am not allowed to have more than two colors of one style. (Although Roey has four and loves everyone of them...she is a better bag mama than I am...)
oh... i know. but i just bought the taupe from LVR today and i don't think I can cancel. and the grenat was the original paddy color I was looking for but could not find until now. i guess i can part with the whiskey once it gets back from the shop. and i love the choco...although it is similar to the cognac spy. if you had to chose two which two would it be? or maybe I should keep 3???
SoCal, it's true, I love them all, but I find myself wishing I could take them out to play more. And sometimes I look at my Paddington family and wonder who I could part with to make room for something else (or pay a bill) if someone put a gun to my head. And it's so hard to make that decision I quickly "bag" it, for lack of a better word! I am hoping I really love the Paddington years from now and not have a "What have I done?!" flashback!

BTW, why did you sell your caramel Balenciaga City? Did you not like it, or have too many Balenciaga bags?
Truffles, maybe you could give LVR a phone call (Rome business time) to see if they've already shiped or not. Maybe there's a chance of cancelling the taupe, only I wouldn't do it over email - their reply rate is atrocious! Or if you really want the taupe or if they've shipped, then perhaps wait for it to come and see if it's truly love at first sight.
Sometimes I wish I could make my life more simple like many women I see and be content with just one or two bags (summer/winter) that I use for 6 months straight and not think twice about buying more or changing bags or feeling guilty or trying to stuff more in my closet....

Then I awake from the nightmare.... check the closet, and thank heavens I'm no such freak :smile:
Truffles true, LVR ships so fast you may not be able to stop your order. The way I figure, you save so much with LVR that as long as it isn't defective you could easily resell it for an attractive price pretty quickly to make room for another color...
PS and not being a fan, I'd say lose the LVs first and hold onto the whiskey until you've decided whether you love it or taupe more... some people are really on the fence with the taupe color.
Oooh I'd much rather the congnac spy than the choco Paddy, only because you already have the Paddy in other colours! I say you take a step back and figure out which bags you use the most. SoCal is right about buying multiple bags in the same style.. you'll saturate your love for it before you know it! I say choose 2 Paddy colours and stick with those, and sell/ trade the rest.
trufflesbang said:

i just ordered the white baby spy just like you. now the whiskey will have to go for sure. should i cancel the taupe?

Oh my.. yay! I'm such a bad influence :shame:

You will not regret the baby spy (where did you order it from?) unless you're really adverse to white bags - I'm still fearing to take mine out else it gets marred!

As for the taupe, if you really can't decide, I'd go with what blugenie said.. compare the Taupe to the Whiskey and see which one you prefer. You don't use your whiskey very often?
actually, i don't use any of my bags often at all. kind of pathetic but i carry around my black nylon no-name laptop case as my daily bag.

as for the white baby spy, once i saw yours, i did a full search of my fendi dealers and was able to locate one at styledrops.com. is this it?

they called it the baulotto spy. i actually had seen this IRL when it first came out during a trip to boston but the color was honey and i wasn't loving it. in your photo this color looks adorable next to the taupe, so i have to get both.:love:

the whiskey unfortunately has been in the shop waiting to get fixed after i turned a small pen mark into a large mound of blah... the leather repair guy says he can fix it but will require a little time because he has to special order three dyes from LA to match the bag. so it's a waiting game for now.

i haven't received the grenat yet because it's coming from a fellow PF member.

i know i can't keep all of these (especially with tax time and all). should i just get them all and then decide when i have them IRL? do you guys think i would be able to sell them without great loss in price?

i guess i'll hold off on the black kerala and MJ stam for now.
That's the right one truffles. I got worried as soon as I bought mine and rushed home to check the price was the same on styledrops (I remembered seeing it on there) and it turns out it wasn't much difference - phew!

Poor whiskey. Hope it gets back to you good as new. I'm not too sure about selling them, but the marketplace seems to be a really active community. It sounds like you need to try them on you before you decide, guess since you placed the order the only thing to do now is wait.

OMG you wanted the MJ stam too? Lol.
what is wrong with me??? i want everything. *sigh*

still on my to get list:
1. Black MJ Stam (not the baby stam)
2. Black Chloe Kerala zipper
3. Pale pink Balenciaga Box