Whiskey Chloe Edith

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  1. NM.com has it right now for pre-order (I just ordered one).
  2. Congrats, youngprof. I think it is a great bag. (I am a big Chloe fan.)
  3. I need to think about it more, but the order is a pre-order (expected shipping date in early May). I just got a whiskey Paddington, but really, this is a completely different look and "feel". I'm thinking about it as a work bag - doesn't it just have a lovely almost vintage-y bookbag look to it?
  4. I have a whiskey Paddy, too!

    I think the Edith would make a great work bag. I am starting to like the Betty as well...When I first saw it, I thought it was hideous, but it has been growing on me.
  5. That's weird! The same thing has been happening to me with the Betty too. I am wondering if all that advertising is finally subverting my brain! I really like it in the cream/ivory color!
  6. Congrats! Post pics!
  7. i love it. congrats. i ordered one tru BG. can't wait to have it.
  8. Well there is no more pre-order:sad2: :cry: And the whiskey in NM seems lighter in color then the Ad. All the wait list in Chleo boutique and NM and Henri Bendel is closed. ( Henri Bendel is getting 5-10 edith, all pre-sold!!!):evil:

    What is going on with this bag!!!

    I's still searching.

  9. it's new and different fro chloe. if you want, i have my name for the large in the boutique in ny. if that is the size, pm me your email address and i'll notify you when they notify me.

    call NM in beverly hills and ask for trent. tell him what you want and he will put you on his list. he is so sweet, he follows through every couple of days until he finds what you need. i love dealing with him.
  10. there is a CHLOE Edith Whisky for sell on ebay she is a powerseller and i purchased a CHLOE bag from her last year which was definitely authenthic she is in the U.K.

    the item number is 5475994950. I have seen a couple of these for sell on ebay.co.uk another powerseller had one on Monday but that was purchased on a BUY IT NOW the same day.
  11. NM in Orlando was taking pre-orders for the Edith in Whiskey and Grey. They had the Chamois on display. If anyone's interested, the number is 407-264-5900, ask for Diana :biggrin: This was on Monday, so I'm not sure of availability, but it's worth a try!
  12. Geez!!! Thanks SOOOOO Much. My girlfriend was devastated when she resized the wait list waas closed. She is going to call NM in orlando tomorrow!!! Your the Best Cristine.
    :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Store name and everthing! couldn't be better! The chloe website shows the Chamois one and I think that one looks the best! My GF thinks so too! We will keep you guys in formed. I have told you guys How much I LOVE this blog!:love: :love: :love: