whiskey blake? yay?

  1. Given the tremendous expertise and helpfulness I've read on this board, I am hoping for some feedback here. I had to return my Mia satchel in Nutmeg because it's handles started unravelling. so I am looking for a classic bag to replace it. After reading the Whiskey multipocket thread, I tried to track one down in Canada, and managed to find a blake in that colour. what are your ladies thoughts on this? Has anyone seen the blake in Whiskey in person? my other thought was to try and find one in the graphite colour. preferences? thanks for your help!
  2. ^ Blake is one of my favorite styles.
    I have seen Blake in these colors, I might be one of the few members who don't like them. Whiskey is too dark, I prefer Nutmeg. Like Putty, Graphite is too plain on this simple looking bag. Putty works very well with Quilted Stam, but it doesn't stand out on styles like Soft Calf Elise and Blake.
  3. I'm not sure if I like the graphite color with the gold hardware... so I would say I prefer the Whiskey blake more. I tried to find a photo, but the closest I could find was a Nutmeg blake on Nordstrom.com. And come to think of it, I like Nutmeg more than Whiskey, as the latter is too dark a brown...
  4. Thanks for the great feedback ladies! Thanks for looking for the photos, I couldn't find any either. I don't think I can track down a nutmeg (a beautiful colour!), but I think the really dark brown will be ok and classic. Really would have liked to have found an MJ in last year's brick red...but no luck...
  5. If you like Whiskey, go for it. Everyone has a different preference in terms of color and style. Once seasonal colors are sold out, it's hard to find in stores. Have to browse ebay for those. Good luck, keep us updated. =)
  6. Nordies at K of P Mall in PA had this bag today..It was VERY nice IRL...DOULOS was sooo drooling over it too..LOL
  7. Hi,
    The Whiskey Blake is beautiful! I recently saw one in Selfridges, London. ;)
  8. Oh good, glad for all the great feedback.:flowers: it will be a few weeks until I can pick it up, but will repost then...with pictures if I can figure that out...