Whiskey *and* Orange?!?

  1. I just got a whiskey (ecureil) small front pocket paddy today and it is a truly beautiful colour: a rich, warm brown. I also saw the orange paddy and thought it looked very nice, not too orangey or pumpkin, more like terra cotta.

    Anyway, I can't get the orange out of my mind. Do you think it would be too much to get a regular medium in Paddy on top of the whiskey I own? Do you think I would have the opportunity to use the orange where the whiskey would *not* go as well? Or should I save my money and wait for spring colours? I already have another 3 Paddys in tan, jaune and ivory, and another 2 (aicer and navy) on the way from LVR.

    Help me! This indecision is terrible! :hysteric:
  2. I think if you have whiskey you should not get the orange. They are too similar, in my opinion.

    However, if you can afford owning two bags that are similar and you'll have no regrets then go ahead and splurge!
  3. LG, you speak sense. I just got carried away. I love the orange too, and missed getting the Balenciaga twiggy in orangey-red for SS06, so I think I am looking to compensate. I think a little patience and restraint is good for me!
  4. i don't knoe but this is my personal opinion. i think the pumpkin orange is more versatile with more colours than whiskey.
    although i love the whiskey, but i just saw the prange paddy few days ago & fell in love immediately. i think it's a color that can go with a lot of colours.