Whiskey Ali is MINE!!! ALL MINE!!!

  1. After going back and forth and back and forth TRYING to decide whether or not to buy this gorgeous bag, I DID IT!!!!!! :yahoo: I ordered my whiskey Ali yesterday, and the boutique is overnighting it to my house!!!!! I am not sure if I called early enough, though, for it to arrive today or Monday. I LOVE the whiskey color (I was going back and forth b/w whiskey and black, but this wonderful SA convinced me on whiskey!!!!!) I am concerned about the scratches, etc, as I am normally a signature girl...but this is ONE BAG that I am going to ENJOY!!!!!! Not sure if I am going to moisturize it or put anything on it though....I am thinking of letting it patina on it's own, but that could change!!!! I woud LOVE to hear ALL stories from anyone that owns an Ali...do you weather protect it and if yes, with what?, how much has it scratched, how does it feel on your shoulder - does it slide off, does it slouch nicely, etc....ANYTHING you can tell me!!!! Thanks so much in advance and I cant wait to join the ALI CLUB!!!!!! :queen:

  2. Awww..that's so great! I myself do not own an Ali, but everything I've read indicated it is a favorite for those that do. Congrats and please be sure to post pics!
  3. Congrats, I love my whiskey Ali. Scrathes come right off with some rubbing and I like how it sits on my shoulder.
  4. I got both the white and the whiskey Ali during the PCE and I amd in LOVE with these bags!! I've just been using my white one so far because I'm also not sure whether to moisturize the whiskey one or not. But either way, they are perfect bags: easy to get into, comfortable, hold a TON, and that LOVELY legacy stripe lining.:heart::heart::heart:
  5. EXACTLY!!!! TDF! Let me know if you are going to moisturize yours...I kinda want to just let it be and watch it patina on it's own. I dont know though! :confused1:
  6. :woohoo: hooray!!! Excellent choice! i am patiently awaiting the arrival of my black Ali I won on eBay. I, also, was debating the black and whiskey! Congrats!!
  7. Congrats!

    I'm the owner of *ducks* 4 Alis. I have black, natural, and whiskey in leather, and the plum suede. I love that bag more than I've loved any design. Ever.

    (In fact, I'd be willing to bet that over the next couple of years I do track down the brown leather, white, and brown suede versions. I love it that much.)

    I haven't done anything to mine, but I've also only carried it super lightly. I was waiting to see what all worked, really.
  8. Congrats on being the owner of FOUR Ali's!!!!! I think I am REALLY going to love this bag too!!! ESPECIALLY the smell of the leather, since I normally buy all signature!!! Thank you for letting me know how much you love that bag!!!! I am even MORE excited now!!! :tup:

  9. I'm waiting for black and white Alis to show up today with brown & whiskey "in the house" already. I've treated my whiskey and I'm planning on moisturizing my new Alis, too. I'm leaving the brown "untreated" for now, just like I'm leaving one whiskey untreated of my shoulder bag (Legacy) collection...just in case the moisturizing does interfere with the process of "patina-ing" (is that a word???).

    Bottom line, I LOVE Ali...she's the BEST shoulder rider (no slipping and a wide, comfy strap)...ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Congrats!!
  11. Thanks so much, girls! I wish it would get here already!!! I cant wait to SMELL it!!!!! LOL
  12. CONGRATS! :yahoo: I'm glad you decided on the Whiskey. :tup: The scratches either rub off from the oils of your skin or blend in to add to the beauty of the bag, or so I've heard. I can't wait to see pics! :drool:
  13. congrats! can't wait to see pics!
  14. I have a whiskey ali and looovvvee her. She does scratch but the scratches really do just rub out. I have not treated her and at this point don't plan on it. She is already darkening a little and looks just beautiful. Hope you love her as much as I do :smile:
  15. :yahoo:So happy for you!!!:tup: