Whirlwind bag viewing trip :)

  1. I managed to get out for a couple of hours yesterday, and decided to just view handbags (for a change). LOL.

    Anyway, about the bags I could find.

    I wandered around in John Lewis, and the first thing that caught my eye, was a bag with a padlock, after a swift double take, I found it was a R12K bag. It was absolutely gorgeous. Pic at the bottom.

    I also found a gorgeous small cross-body bag by a brand I had seen before in House of Fraser, it was Modalu.

    I was really surprised at the tula range, I hadn't paid much attention to the name previously.

    I couldn't find any Chloe bags.

    BUT walking from JL to M&S, OH said look at all of those. I looked into the shop window, and the window was stacked with Paddington bags (no logo on, but the shop name on the label) in every single colour you could imagine. They were horrendous. After standing outside staring in the window, I decided to venture in side, I was immediately told that everything was 50% off today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahooo Yaheeee ~ and went about looking round further. The price of these plastic monstrosity was £86.00.

    I am still :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. Wow, I am surprised that they are getting away with such a total copy of the Chloe bags...amazing! :wtf: Is that store a regular retail store or an outlet? We don't have it here in the US. I have not seen anything so blatant on this side of the Atlantic, except for the fake bags on eBay of course...:cursing:
  3. Solly - I am confused. That bag with the padlock could be a Paddy cousin. It is way cool but how can they have the exact same kind of padlock with a piece of leather wrapped around it and everything? Is R12K a brand????
  4. Intersting take on the Paddy, that black one. I wonder though if that chain can be cumbersome if it keeps getting caught in something.

    Thanks for sharing!
  5. Ri2K is a UK designer.

    I only found out about him a few weeks ago, when I spotted a gorgeous handbag on a full page ad in a glossy mag. His name is John Richmond.

    Although at first sight it does look like a Chloe bag. When you take a closer look, it is very different. The padlock has Ri2K on it, and the chain, although it looked like an old chain, it didn't have the awful feel of some other bags using this type of hardware. I have seen several where the chain feels dirty or rusty, and it puts me off.

    For the cost, this bag is absolutely beautiful, and I am not sure if it was this range that had a gorgeous signature lining in it.

    I am going to buy one!!!
  6. I actually posted the link for this designer under handbags & purses, but, it has got buried.

    John Lewis is a department store where you can get luxury items etc. Good thing is, they carry quite a few brand names, bad news is probably limited amounts.

    If my recollection is correct, the bag was £75.00 dearer in store than on the website. Which is probably the same on most items.

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