Whire Giant Part-Time received from diabro.net

  1. My sis just receievd her white giant pt ordered from diabro.net. I noticed that the white coating at some places are not really even, meaning that I can see the dark undertone color of its real leather. Also, there are some black tiny spots (like a .) on the bottom of the leather.

    Is there anything wrong with the leather? Is the bag authentic?

    Can anyone please advise?
  2. Can you post pics here and we can have a look...all bags from diabro.net are AUTHENTIC for sure....as i have ordered coin purse from them too.....:smile:
  3. Could it have been a return?
  4. I would try to post pics later. I'm not too sure because I have the impression that diabro does not accept return.
  5. I think I saw that on Diabro's website that they don't accept returns. Not to worry. Their bags are authentic. I had a white Bal purse, and it had little dots like you're describing on the leather. It bothered me, but my husband said that is just the way the leather is.
  6. Don't worry about it. My black Work has a small white dot on it. Upon closer inspection..its part of the leather.
  7. I just called up my local B Boutique (singapore). The SA said that the black dots are called pigmentation. She said that its normal and that the slight uneven coating of the white (thereby showing the undertone of the natural leather) is also normal.
  8. One note though, I find the giant pt really heavy.