'Whipping Post' - any reviews?

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  1. Hello all,

    I was wondering if anyone, particularly folks in the US, had any experience of this label?


    I'm considering buying a tote from them because I like the look of the leather and the simple design. But shipping costs at over 60 bucks and import duties mean that I'm not going to be returning it if it's not quite right, so I'd rather not make any mistakes.

    My only concern is about the leather - how it feels, smells, ages, sags etc. If anyone has any knowledge of this brand, please do let me know.

    Many thanks...

    - Lips

  2. One full day, over 60 views, and not one single response, good or bad. I guess that either this is a tiny obscure brand or I'm asking in the wrong place. The search goes on... :peace:

    - Lips
  3. Well I've never heard of this brand, but after seeing your post, I decided to take a chance and order the tote!! The leather looks amazing and the price can't be beat. The only thing is, it's on backorder and won't ship for three weeks.
  4. Okay then! I'm assuming you're in the US? Would you mind posting a review once you receive it? I'd be so grateful. I'm in the UK, and would like to read at least one impartial review before I pull the trigger simply because of the shipping hassle/cost.

    I'll be on tenterhooks for the next few weeks! :biggrin:

    - Lips
  5. I will do! :smile:
  6. Hi,
    I'm also terribly curious regarding a review of the Whipping Post tote bag. Would love to hear anyone's thoughts on size, quality, and aesthetic.
  7. Well, the leather looks amazing and the hardware looks great - one thing that is rather telling is their guitar cases have sold out, that's a great sign.

    Anyone receive their order yet?
  8. Okay, I have to wonder. Why would a company use such a name as "Whipping Post?"

    The Whipping Post handbags...made from fine leather...just like craftsmen used for classic flogging instruments.
  9. The leather looks beautiful For sure it is a veg tanned leather, which is one of the classiest leathers around. The bag reminds me a bit of the tote at Madewell...but this leather looks thicker, richer, authentic ,and and all in all more durable. Veg tanned leather is the type of leather that only gets better with age. I think you made a wise choice...especially if you like large raw unlined leather totes...love it!
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  10. I have this tote and it is gorgeous. Several ladies in one of my online groups also have it and love it. The tote has sold amazingly well and was sold out for awhile, but it's back in stock now. I'm very happy with the craftsmanship of the bag and I love the solid base that keeps it standing up! It's not comfortable shoulder bag when its loaded, but carrying it by hand is okay.
  11. Thanks for the info! Any pictures?

    - Lips
  12. The tote (and products in general) look gorgeous and earthy/crunchy, which I love. For the life of me, though, I cannot find out where this company is located on their website. Anyone know?
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398868316.716458.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398868345.856330.jpg
    They are located in Texas.
  14. I live in Europe and though I love this bag, I cannot not buy it....
    Shipment, French VAT + Customs duties.....are obvious deterrents.....unfortunately.:sad: