Whine here.

  1. Despite this guy's eyebrows, :graucho: I'm still feeling pouty.

    When the marketplace was around I missed 2 Rouge bags (old leather 05') a twiggy AND a purse within DAYS of each other.
    And yes, I pout.

    I know a lot of you are pouters too.
    Yes you.
    I've hear y'all whine about missing this or that...

    So here, vent away, I know my husband and friends can care less at this point.:lol:

    Here is your space to get it out.
  2. I still can't believe I missed the Anis city because I took too long to make decision :cry:

    Oh, and that seafoam city that came and went on ebay earlier today!!!! Grrrr.....
  3. missing out on turquoise 05 first because i wasnt keen paying via WU! and i'll still miss out on the current turqouise 05 first on eBay because i'm STILL not keen by paying via Money Transfers!

    i wonder if i'll ever get my turqouise 05 first????
  4. Bought an ink city after deliberating for DAYSS (and whining to the bf, who really didn't care about how "the ink is more versatile but the cornflower blue looks so much more friendly!")... and now I'm desperately in LOVEEE with the cornflower blue.. all the pretty pictures of it are making me so sad. And my ink city isn't even HERE yet!

    boo. thus ends my whine. hehehe
  5. :cry: I am soooo disappointed I missed out on the mini apple twiggy :sad: I have yet to find the style and color again. I was so close but someone beat me to it:Push:
  6. i keep wanting the apple first.. but sigh... i cant i cant! and now its too late, so its a great thing too. i really liked a lot of stuff there, including the LV pochettes! gah! oh well, my bank account is safe now!
  7. i wish i had gotten the anis city too... its my dream bag! *sigh*
  8. your ink city should have arrived today. USPS confirmes that the bag was delivered already. double check.
  9. i just want to sell my bags to good homes, so that i wont feel guilty by abandoning them.:cry:
  10. aww no I know it was delivered today, but since I'm in the dorms, I won't be seeing it for another day or so. (they have to sort all the packages to the different complexes and then separate it by building/residents..)

    hehe i hope i fall in love with it.... as much as i am in love with the cornflower :cry:
  11. I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I just want to wait home for my package to come.:cry:

    Kat, you'll love the ink. I'm missing it already. What did I do???:cry:
  12. another whine... got home about 2 hours ago and still nothing has arrived in the mailbox for me!!!! AHAHAHAHAH... its so fustrating living so far away from all the cool bag shops...... maybe 2moro!
  13. Ooh, Truffles, what are you waiting on?? Should I be afraid to ask, knowing your new addiction... ?:blink::P
  14. Helen, are u still waiting on your white First or is it the new Chanel?
  15. I love this thread. I love to whine. There are so many things I can whine about.:graucho:

    SS, I've been bad. That's why I've been trying to sell lots of my babies. Hermes = Heroine . Very similar effect. Addicting, expensive, will milk you dry for all your worth, yet at the same time, I can't get enough. Why don't I have a BF or DH who can just buy me all that I want?:cry: