*whimpers* Oh, man....

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  1. OK, so yesterday I talked to you ladies about possibly buying the black Legacy shoulder bag that was in the store. It's signature and gorgeous and no longer available from JAX.

    Well, I called my manager and she told me we'd sold it. I was so sad. :cry:

    Then today she calls me and says "Hey, it's back in the store, do you want it?"

    I spent $100 of the money from my ex last night, but I've also been considering selling my signature multi-stripe demi because I never carry it. I bought it before I worked at Coach because I loved it, and I still love it but I haven't carried it in 2 months. If I sold it that'd be more than enough money....

    WHAT DO I DO?! AUGH! Sorry to be posting such superificial dilemmas but I know you ladies usually have great advice!

    BTW, it's this bag, in signature:
  2. Sell the demi and get the shoulder bag. It's gorgeous and you will get a lot of use out of it. I have it in the khaki/ebony and love it!
  3. I'd sell the demi too. Of course I'm biased, I don't like the multi-stripe stuff, and I love Legacy. *L* But that aside, the Legacy one would be much more versatile I think.
  4. Hmm, since you're already used some of the money from your Ex, I'd say sell the demi and buy the Legacy. You'll get a lot more use from that bag.
  5. Wow... I just looked at completed listings on eBay and NO ONE has sold a multi-stripe Demi. And you can't get it from JAX anymore. Hmmmm..... I think you ladies are right about selling it. I love the multi-stripe and hate to see it go, but.... the Legacy bag will be much more versatile.
  6. I agree with the other ladies...sell the demi, get the legacy. Sounds like you'd really enjoy the legacy.
  7. just sell the demi, the legacy is far better looking and youll get much more use out of it anyway
  8. legacy, please pleas!
    Then post pics =)

    And Sarah, how do you look at completed listings on eBay?
  9. Click "advanced search" by the search button next to the search bar, then select completed listings.
  10. I agree....demi to eBay!
  11. Sell the demi!
  12. I agree too - the black is more classic and timeless.
  13. Yep, sell it! :tup:
  14. sell!
  15. Definitely sell the demi and get the legacy shoulder!