*whimpers* Help, girls!

  1. Alright, so I've got this problem.

    I'm really, really in love with the signature stripe totes. Crimson or Punch, I love them equally. I'm DREAMING about the freaking things. Problem is, we're sold out, obviously. I've talked to CS and everybody, and I just can't get one without paying a ridiculous amount on e-bay. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but I work for Coach and I just can't justify paying that much for a bag while I can get my discount and pray that something will come out that I like better. But I can't think about anything but those reversible totes! And I don't like black, brown or light blue (Dark blue, i love.) So what do I do?! Pay a ridiculous amount on e-bay, or wait and pray something better comes along in store? WHY am I so obsessed with these bags?! Do any of you have one?

    PS: I won the Signature Stripe Wristlet in Punch on E-Bay! $59. But it was so worth it. Can't wait to get it! :nuts: :yahoo:
  2. Valley Fair Macy's (Santa Clara, CA) had the punch tote this evening. It can't hurt to try. 408/248-3333
  3. Oh, I have the black and white tote, and the large parchment tote and LOVE them!
  4. yes i was going to suggest calling macy's i had a post JUST LIKE THIS haha minus the dilema of having a coach discount i thought they were gone forever but then everyone told me to look in macys and my macys here in herald Sq in nyc had them and so did the macys in Brooklyn ny (where iw ould up getting it)

    So call around to different macys they will ship it if they have it, i mean youll have to pay retail but if you really love it its worth it!!!!
  5. oh and wait for friends and family on may 2nd!!! also, maybe aks an associate to help you (offer your 50% for their 20+20% off during friends and family) if i worked at macys still I would help you out :smile:

    actually... i still have friends who work there so PM me if you re interested!
  6. oh and if u need the matching shoes... coach aventura has it.. i just got mines from there
  7. Show those pictures, girl. I will love to see your shoes!!!:p
  8. I'm just so broke and paying retail seems so silly when I could get the signature multi stripe tote instead at my boutique, I like it too, but not like the crimson and punch.... AUGHHHH!!!!!!
  9. to be honest, the punch looks WAY better than the multi stripe...pay the retail and love the bag bc its worth it.
  10. i had gotten them in 9.5 but returned it, and had to order a 10... here they are! its hard to take pictures of the shoe while its on ur foot!


  11. I think the punch is way better too. Ive seen several BINs on eBay for $264. that's cheaper than retail when you factor in tax
  12. 1st off the shoes are SO cute! :smile:

    2nd DEF DEF worth the retail to have the punch or crimson over the multi stripe one, that one in my opinion isnt that cute and the punch and crimson are AMAZING!!!!
  13. I posted this in another thread - but Macy's still has lots of punch totes, mini skinnies, and wristlets. You can get 20% off for friends and family and another 20% off if you open a Macy's card. It's not as good as your discount but it's better than eBay!!! Besides with all the cheap Coach you'll be buying over the next year or so - it won't really hurt to pay a bit more for one you really love right?????
  14. I just won the wristlet on eBay and I TOTALLY took a chance on it. The seller used a stock pic of the white stripe and basically described what they were selling as "pink".

    Of course I emailed to find out if it was a pink stripe or pink fabric...and they told me what I wanted to hear. He was even nice enough to take an actual pic of it. BRAND NEW and 35 bucks :nuts:!!

    One of those times where I threw caution to the wind and said "I'm gonna hope that I'm doing the right thing". Just goes to show that not all ebay sellers are naughty.
  15. I'd keep watching ebay for one because I don't think they all are going for a high price. The retail is $268 plus tax or shipping. I did a search the other day for completed auctions on ebay and some were going for about retail or just a bit over. Also, that's a good price for the wristlet if you paid just $59. They retailed for $58 and aren't available anywhere any more. Congratulations on your wristlet and good luck on the bag!