While we wait for the 2008 Koobas, let's recap our 2007 bag purchases!

  1. While I was posting in another thread, I tallied up my bag purchases in '07. Frankly, I was somewhat shocked at the total! :wtf: So, just for fun... here's my list. Anyone else want t join me? Warning: it might make you realize the extent of your addiction! :roflmfao:

    Isabella Fiore Audra
    2 Isabella Fiore DreamWeavers
    2 Kooba Lucys
    1 Kooba Brynne
    1 Kooba Hannah
    1 Kooba Annie
    1 Gustto Baca
    2 Balenciaga Firsts
    3 Balenciaga Cities
    1 Balenciaga Part Time
    1 Balenciaga Compagnon Zip
    1 Louis Vuitton Key Cles
  2. I was relatively good!

    Kooba Sloane
    Kooba Brynne
    Kooba Sienna
    Hayden Harnett Mercer Satchel
    Hayden Harnett Tuileries Satchel
    Coach Red Pebbled Hampton Satchel
  3. OH my Gosh....I don't know if I want to do this. I may be embarrassed - it's THAT bad!

    I have to think about it for a minute....lol!
  4. Oh, c'mon KoobaMe! You know you want to! :graucho:
  5. Uh....I don't even think I can answer this question sanely, because I bought and then sold and then re-bought often the same bags!!! :graucho:

    I know I had every Kooba Lucy known to man except for the Jade and Sand. Sold off all of them....including my bronze, ivory and cognac but then I re-bought the bronze and kept my black. I scored a great plum one too.

    I bought and sold off 3 Kooba Claudias - black, green and cognac. Did not re-purchase.

    Had all the Marcelles....sold my my Moss and Toffee ones in '06, but bought and sold off my cognac, black and ivory ones in '07....

    Bought 4 fabulous Siennas - all in perfect shape - a smooth black, smooth espresso, new "vintage" one in luggage and a pebbled raisin.

    I bought and sold my Fiore Whipflash Audra in brown THREE TIMES!!!! Now I have her permanently - as well as the Fiore Whipflash Audra in gold, pink and pewter....

    I sold off all my Bessos and have gotten now into Moni Moni Splendor bags - I now own several of those babies - black, blue, pink, plum, ivory - well, you get the picture.....

    Hmmm....do you think I have a problem???? :confused1::jammin:
  6. Um....I'm with you KM. You go first...:sweatdrop:

  7. This is soooo embarrassing, but does it help to say I haven't bought a bag since November 24 and I am going to sell a few of the bags I have bought, as I haven't had a chance to use them all.

    1. Jessie in java (use this a lot)
    2. Jessie in pebbled black (this is going to be a gift for my sis)
    2. Jessie in khaki
    3. Maria in tobacco (sold it)
    4. Ginger in tobacco (use this a lot)
    5. Ginger in black (use this a lot)
    6. Lucy in black
    7. Lucy in cognac
    8. Marcelle in toffee (sold it)
    9. Jillian in bourbon (sold it)
    10. Jillian in sand
    11. Ada in bourbon
    12. Taylor in mocha/champagne (use this a lot)
    13. Farrah in mocha/champagne
    14. Renee in mocha/champagne
    15. Sienna in smooth black (sold it)
    16. Sienna in olive
    17. Paige in java
    18. Brynne in auburn
    18. Luba J Gecko in rose
    19. Hayden Harnett Gaza Hobo in taupe
    20. Coach Legacy Shoulder bag in whiskey
    21. Coach Legacy Gigi in whiskey plus matching wallet (present from hubby)
    21. Francesco Biasia Secret Love 4 in brown croc/ostrich, plus matching wallet (present from hubby)
    :wtf: :shocked: Now, if hubby ever found out just how many I have he would :lecture:

    I still have a hankering for a:
    1. Medium Botkier Bianca in bone or maybe cherry or black
    2. Chloe Paddington satchel in Bleu Nuit (originally wanted a Silverado)
    3. Kooba Brynne in black
    4. Black Givenchy bag (no idea what the style name is, I saw it in the Givenchy store today)

    I'm embarrassed. I guess this is proof I haven't been good this year.
  8. Ladies, thank you. I feel much better about my own purchases because I see I'm not alone!!

    1 Nisha in Toffee - sold
    1 Keira - returned. Too small.
    5 Marcelles - every color, returned one, sold all but 2
    1 Ada - Bourbon, sold
    1 Jillian in bourbon - Love her
    1 Audrey in bourbon - sold
    3 Lucys - sold two, returned one which was damaged (filed dispute and won)
    3 Claudias - black and brown suede and sand. Returned the sand
    2 Chiaras - both cognac, both returned as both were beyond used though sellers listed them as perfect. I'm off chiaras forever because of it!
    1 Farrah in Mocha Champagne
    2 Virginias - black and brown, sold the black
    1 Brynne in Auburn - sold
    1 Sloane in bark - sold
    2 Carlas - sold the Terraine, kept the Chestnut
    2 Marias - black and brown suede - sold
    1 Ginger- Chocolate Suede - sold
    3 Siennas - returned the bourbon to NM (oxidized and USED), sold the black and brown embossed and regretted selling the brown embossed, so I just acquired another one...1 week before my 'ban' was to be over!
    6 Isabella Fiore bags of which I still have two
    2 Betsey Johnsons
    1 Hype, returned

    I know I'm forgetting some of my Koobas in there!

    I hanker for a Desert Sienna and may wish again for a black Lucy. Also looking at some Anna Corrinas (sp). I think I'm insane!!!

    EEEEK!! :wtf:
  9. O.K. my question is WHAT ARE YOUR eBay HANDLES????? I know, I know, I don't think we're allowed to do that, I'm only kidding!! Nice collection of bags ladies!!
    O.K. I am going to see what I can come up with. I see many of you have doubles and triples....interesting...I have not ventured there yet. This is fun!!! Nice thread Kooba Lover!!!
  10. I AM SOOOOO PISSED!!!!! :cursing: I just spent 1/2 an hour running back and forth to my closet while giving my 3 yr. old a banana putting a belt in the jeans of my 6 yr old and then running back to the closet again all while making my list. AND LOW AND BEHOLD I go to send it and I get the error message "safari cannot connect to server!!!!!" :wtf:FCUK!!!!
    SOOO....I got a bunch of Kooba's a handfull of Hayden Harnett, 2 Thickskin bags, several Tano's, 1 Gustto, 1 Bulga, 1 IF, 1 RM MAM!!!, and more but now I need to get my ass off this comp. and get some stuff done. Thanks for sharing everyone!!! Mini your collection is extensive!! and Kooba Lover I envy the Bal bags you have!!! I have not yet ventured to Balanciaga....so beautiful. :wlae:
  11. I was so bad in 2007, guys. I'm not sure I want to 'fess up, but here it is:

    2007 Pre-tPF:
    2 Coaches, 3 Kate Spades

    2007 After discovering tPF and Kooba:
    Kooba Devin black suede
    Kooba Sienna brown floral embossed
    Kooba Sienna cream
    Botkier Sasha satchel in glass
    Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 damier
    Botkier Sasha duffle black
    Kooba Bonnie taupe suede (gave away as a gift)
    Botkier Medium Bianca cherry
    Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini sage w/ sage stamp
    Kooba Katy Eggplant
    LV Pochette Accessories Mono
    LV Damier Sophie
    LV Mirage Speedy in Noir (received as a gift)

    Ouch. And the bad thing is, I have never sold anything on eBay and am not sure I want to even get involved with that. So all these bags have come in, and none have gone out! What's more I actually like them all. :shame:
  12. Are we talking about bags we still have right now, or even ones we have bought and returned or sold? Cause that could be real bad, I dont know if I dare go there LOL!!
  13. shockey, I definitely think all bags purchased in '07 are fair game for this thread!

    I must admit, this thread is turning out to be more fun than I imagined! I was so surprised by my own list when I tallied it up, and it's good to see that I'm not alone... BTW, I should mention that in 2006 all I bought were a couple of Coach bags and my first Kooba Sienna in olive. A slippery slope it has been indeed! :nuts:

    posk, I realize this is the Kooba Forum... but every girl should at least try one Balenciaga. I say "one" as if "one" really means "one". :roflmfao:

    Seriously though, can you believe the list of bags here? We could open our own department store!!! ;)
  14. I keep flirting with the idea of a Balenciaga - but it seems so hard to come by one. As far as I can tell there aren't many ways to get one online. There's nowhere near me that carries them. I just don't have a handle on Bbags.

    It's probably for the best, though. Kooba has been bad enough!
  15. OK, I cant beleive I am going to do this. But maybe it will tell me something!

    1- Kooba Lena- black
    2- Kooba Sienna- smooth black
    3- Kooba Renee- mocha
    4- Gustto Baca- beige/black patent
    5- Fendi Baby Spy- petrol
    6- Fendi Spy- acacia
    7- Botkier Sasha Hobo- chocolate
    8- Kooba Natasha- ink
    9- Gryson Woven Skye- natural
    10-Botkier Sasha Duffle- black
    11- Botkier Sasha Duffle- bordeaux
    12- Chloe Silverado Tote- taupe
    13- Fendi Spy- black
    14- Marc Jacobs Bal Harbour- black
    15- Kooba Sloane- Honey
    16- Kooba Jackie- pewter
    17- Marc Jacobs Mix Quilted- truffle
    18- Kooba Olivia- pewter
    19- Gryson Tutu- chocolate
    20- Francesco Biasia Gypsy Rain- brick

    Oh my dare I go on!!!LOL!!!

    21-Chloe Patchwork- chocolate
    22- Gryson Woven Jasper- blue jean
    23- Prada Guaffre- brown
    24- Miu Miu Patchwork- brown
    25-Prada Washed Satchel- blue
    26-Kooba Elisha Suede- black
    27- Kooba Elisha- black leather
    28- Gryson Woven Skye- blue jean
    29- Botkier Rose- black
    30- Kooba Lucy- black
    31- Kooba Parker- ink
    32- Fendi Spy- Cherry Corded
    33- Fendi Dejour- brown leather
    34- Botkier Bombay- Oxblood
    35- Kooba Charlie- black

    OK enough! You get the hint! I am one sick Moma!!LOL
    This one doesnt count cause I bought it in 2007 but didnt get it till today!
    Jimmy Choo- Anaconda