While we are waiting for Tangerine MAM

  1. So everybody who ordered the Tangerine MAM, what are you going to wear it with? I saw some orange patent Tory Burch flats. Is orange shoes/orange bag too matchy-matchy?
  2. Personally, I would not go orange/orange but it might look wonderful on you!

    I think the tangerine would look awesome with blue in all forms: Navy Blue, light blue, blue jeans especially.

    Vanessa Hudgens totally rocks this bag perfectly in her outfit in the picture below. I love the look of the tangerine paired with the boho feminine chic of VH's outfit
  3. Yes it's great with jeans. I can't wait to get my paws on it!
  4. Really I think you can wear this bag with almost anything - I plan to! It would look great with a cream cashmere sweater, an emerald green sundress, a chocolate brown suit, etc etc
  5. A chocolate brown suit? Are you taking your MAM to work? I've thought about taking it to work, but I don't think I could say "it's a Morning After bag" to my boss with a straight face - he's like an 80 year old lawyer!
  6. I am a jeans, tee shirts and ballet flats kinda girl! But I love to have a beautiful handbag on my arm! I can't wait!
  7. When I get the tangerine I think I'm going to wait until March to wear it, when the weather is warmer so I can start wearing my bright spring clothes, now I am happy with my cozy winter clothes and my dark grey MAM :amuse:
  8. :roflmfao:

    My boss is super chic and loves clothes, bags, shoes etc so I'll definitely be showing it off at work!
  9. That Tangerine will go with anything.....oatmeal....taupe.....navy......cream.

    I'm so looking forward to receiving it.
  10. Its time for a group shot of your bags, Contessa! come on!
  11. NAVY! Contessa you genius, I didn't even think of that but I LOVE navy/orange/crisp white.

    I think we should all post modeling pics of ourselves and our tangerine MAMs and our favorite outfit!
  12. Im too late, no one is taking pre-orders anymore
  13. ^ Did you check JC Madison? A member just posted that they're taking pre-orders so try them. Good luck! :flowers:
  14. I think it would look fantastic with cobalt blue!
  15. I've been considering this since I ordered my Tangerine bag, and like you gals said, I think it'll go with a lot. But I look most forward to wearing it on a warm spring day with jeans and one of my fave tops - it's a simple, flowy, aqua/turquoise off-shoulder top. It may be all wrong in person(I'll have to wait 'til it gets here to see), but for some reason, I picture the two going well together.