While shopping in the handbag department at Nordstrom's

  1. You know they always have at least one Lockheart on the clearance table. Well, the SA came over to say hi, and she handed me the Kate Lockheart, (I :heart: Lockheart bags) which was 50% off..[​IMG]
    which is okay, actually looking for a rhapsody or a soft croc Rebecca. So I asked her what their after Christmas sale was going to have and she told me that they were starting their sale on December 24th.

    She took the Kate bag and is holding it for me so that I could receive a deeper discount on the 24th.

    Even though it is not a Rhapsody, I could always use another bag...:lol:

    LONG story SHORT

    Go find your handbag at Nordstrom's and ask them to hold it for Monday.:tup:
  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. Nice bag, keep us posted!
  4. sorry for getting back so late, my check engine light came on and spent the day at the mechanics :sad:

    last day for shopping too

    ilovebags15, I was at the Boca Raton store.

    and since I could not get to Boca, I am wondering if I lost my bag. :cry: