while on subject of LVpaper bags ...how many of us actually recycle the bags?

  1. I usually feel super guilty for buying yet another bag. So, I try to hide the "designer" paper bags away in keeping with staying undercover with my bags... well, until hubby finds out... I keep only the boxes to make sure the bags are stored properly.

    I just save some large sturdy ones as they are good for transporting clothes to the tailors/dry cleaners or big items which I need to pass to friends etc. Some I keep when transporting already gift-wrapped gifts ( good for big children's toys..) It's usually used once and throw.

    Don't know how to come up with a poll counter but would be interesting to find out what we all do with the wrapping -

    1. Save the bags and look at them once in a while :yes:
    2. Recycle them for transporting stuff :idea:

    3. Use them as actual carrier bags on a daily basis - well until the paper gives out :crybaby:
    4. Throw away quickly so family members don't get wind of your spending habits! :supacool:

    or like Socialite
    5. Give them away upon friends' requests :tender:
  2. I put all my paper shopping bags into recycling bin as soon as I get home.:yes:
  3. I keep them to look at and occasionally use them to haul gifts to my mom and dad's for Christmas. :0)
  4. OMG I love this thread, I never throw a store bag from an expensive store away...I have loads of them. I like to use them as gift bags and like to take them to carry stuff in cause ones from expensive stores seem to be thicker and more hard wearing.
  5. and forgot to say Lucidbabe, thanks for thinking of me in your thread :flowers:
  6. No probs bud. I like to think we are in PF because we all share something in common...:jammin:
  7. I have a few larger ones stuffed in the cloest.
  8. I save them to haul presents.
  9. i save every bag i have because theyre pretty
  10. I love keeping everything that has to do with the shopping experience - the bags, the boxes and everything! I have two HUGE gucci paper bags lying on top of my closet and a small hermes bag and a small vuitton bag and all the boxes that my scarves and leather goodies came with. I had to throw my big vuitton paper bags on the airport in order to get my vuitton-bags as a carry-on in the airplane, but I usually prefer to save them.
    I use my shoeboxes and the box I got my chanel-bag in as storage boxes since I have lots of things floating around that I prefer to keep in boxes.
  11. I usually keep the nice bags (I love Coach's shopping bags, they're so sturdy!!) and reuse them later :smile:

    For all the others, they go straight into my recycling bin!
  12. I use them for trash.
  13. I keep them to haul presents at the holidays.
  14. I put rag paper in them and when they are full, it's time for the garbage...
  15. me too:yes: