While I was away....

  1. Hi all,
    It is good to be back in the BV forum. I had been away for almost three weeks now. Was home-bound for 2 weeks coz recovering from a surgery and didnt want to spend time in front of the computer.

    Anyways, I am now back at work and travelling already. Currently in Auckland and typing this post at 230am in the morning coz I am so jetlagged! But I am gonna be so sleepy tomorrow!! :sad:

    Anyways, I popped into the BV boutique on my last day in Singapore before I flew off when I was in town for a check-up. And I picked up some goodies! :yahoo:
  2. kopibaby, I hope you`re feeling all healthy and good now and that you`ve fully recovered...

    Don`t tease us, show your goodies!!!
  3. So glad to hear you're up and flying about, lol. That's wonderful!

    Yes, no teasing. We don't like to wait. Was it a little something you're asking me about??
  4. Welcome back and show us the goodies please! :lol:
  5. Hi there kopibaby, glad you are back healthy and happy!! Can't wait for the pics of your goodies!!!
  6. Glad you and your doggie are back, can't wait to see what you got!
  7. What they look like from outside....
  8. Got these at 50% off. I have the same colour and material in the ballerina flats and the flats were so versatile!
    So when I saw these at 50% off, it didnt take me long to decide! :wlae:
  9. Those are great!
  10. Cute! Like the kitten heel. What color are they?
  11. hi claus,
    they are a light pink in colour but the leather is a bit "distressed" kind, so it has some dark undertones in certain places...so it has a "worn-in" look and i love it. :p
  12. thanks hover.

    it will take some getting used to as it is the first pair of slingbacks that i have. i am not a slingback person so will need to get used to the feeling of the "sling falling off" feeling when it is actually not falling off...:shame:
  13. Hi Kopibaby, hope the surgery was not too yucky but very glad to see that you are well, and up and running.

    Lovely slingbacks you've got, and at 50% off, wow, what more can we BV-freaks ask for. For me, I'm very cautious of slingbacks as they never stay up!

  14. hi mlbags,
    good to see you too! hope you had a great start to 2008! how have you been?

    i will let you know of my slingback experience once i wear them. just gotta bring them to the cobbler to sole them first! :smile:
  15. the second item in the dust bag....

    the mini veneta in lotus. it is really mini, slightly smaller than the "iron bag"...

    i should have taken another pic with my carmino veneta so that all of you can have some idea of the size...will do that when i get back to singapore!