While I am selling my LV bag On Ebay I got this Email!

  1. Below: Dear sirs: i am very gald to talk with you and we are a company deal with louis vuitton handbags .and please internet our website. http://www.louis945.i567.cn .and our product is most fashinonable and best qualituy . because we are improving our reputation .so we are looking for sale agent to sell on ebay .if you have some advises .or interested in our bags .please contact us . EMAIL : zawr208@yahoo.com.cn MSN : Luois.0@hotmail.com
    From: eytth53 (0)
    Did anyone get that too?????What the heck is it??!!!:amazed:
  2. Don't fall for it. I get similiar emails like this all the time when I sell some of my bags online.
  3. You're going to get more! I recently sold two LV handbags and every day I must've gotten 2-5 emails very similar to this one. Pretty irritating! I just delete them.
  4. someone wrote a letter to you in another language and used a web translator to translate it into english, hence it dosen't make any sense as grammar is different in languages, i assume the person is from china as they do not use plurals in thier language i.e. "product" im not 100% sure it could be a very very uneducated person who should not know how to run a bussiness , either way i would ignore it
  5. i think they want you to sell their fakes for them, bc of your good feedback? i dunno. just guessing.
  6. Oh...hmm..I should deleted it then Thanks ladies.
  7. UGH! I got the same message twice this week! Those stupid fakers/spammers need to get lives. I always report them to ebay when they send me that crap. The spammers make up new IDs to solicit their garbage, and they get their accounts closed down soon after. They're usually out of HongKong.
  8. I receive between 2 and 6 of these spam emails per day when I have items listed on eBay. So frustrating...
  9. Not to mention the links may have viruses in them. Or the email itself.
  10. I use to get them too. I forwarded them to EBAY, hoping they would do something -- crack down on them or something....

    I sent them to Spoof@ebay.com
  11. I have gotten like two messages for fake bag websites on my Ebay message board. Then I usually get a message from Ebay saying, we are sorry, but we understand that there has been some unauthorized messages, blah, blah.
    I also think there are possibly some fake handbag manufacturers out there that buy real bags on ebay to use them for models for manufacturing.
  12. I received a lot of those stupid emails every time I sold on Ebay. Ignore and report!
  13. My sister-in-law gets those all the time.:rant:
  14. Argh, I'm sick of those emails. I got so many of them. I think all of them are from China claiming they are authorized LV agents and so on! :rant:
  15. I get them too and I just report them to Ebay immediately. BTW, I always choose "Member offered to sell outside of Ebay" because Ebay hates this ;)