While at the Galleria

  1. I was browsing stores with my DH. As we passed 2 women one of the yelled. I LOVE her bag. It almost scared me because it was so loud! LOL. It just made my day hearing someone say that! :graucho:
  2. Lol... Which bag was that? :p
  3. Damier Nolita.
  4. LOVE when that happens! LOL ...especially around the hubby...that way he knows that I'm not the only freak who loves LV!
  5. Too funny Twiggers! I totally know what you are talking about!:yahoo:
  6. I love bag compliments! I think of it as other people sharing my good taste! Hee hee. :p
  7. sounds awesome!! love compliments like that!
  8. Love that bag! Great look!
  9. Awesome! wow if that happened to me I'd be smiling ear to ear all day. :yes: Love the Damier Nolita- beautiful bag.
  10. Lovely!! Nolita is indeed a beautiful bag. Once I went :nuts::nuts::nuts: when I saw a lady with it across the (4 lane) street.:sweatdrop:
  11. Aw, people these days are just so sweet!

    I would have def. yelled that too, if not outloud...in my head. I always do when I see a Vuitton.

  12. I Love Your Bag Too!!!
  13. awww cute story!