Whick Pink Kooba should I get???

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  1. I can't decide between the two. I know Grace has the Alex and loves it. What do you think the pros and cons are? And do you think the Helena has as nice of leather as the Alex?


  2. Hmmmh. hard. I like the style of the first one better, but I like the color of the second one more. I'd go for the second :smile:
  3. The studs on the Helena kinda irritate me (and I usually love studs), but it looks weird here. Maybe a bad pic, but I'd go for the Alex.
  4. I have been stuck in a black & brown world of purses forever. I just started coming out and testing the waters of color. I got the Kooba Elisha in Red, and the Vintage Kooba in Green. And I adore Pink. It would be strictly Spring/Summer but I think the Alex is Darling. The Daniella is exactly the same as the Alex but smaller and I can't do that.
  5. The first one!! The 2nd one looks a little too small.
  6. i like this more :
  7. Well, I decided the Fuschia was a little more exciting and I liked the overall style a little better. So I went for it. It was 233.99 but I had a promo code of 15% so I got it for 206.00.

    It's a little gift to myself for a healthy happy Spring. I just had a scare yesterday when I got a call back to do more pics of my Mammogram. But I had them, and they turned out all okay after they got additional views. My Mom got Breast Cancer last year on this month. We got through it and she is 100% great. She had a mastectomy and it was only stage 1 so no chemo or radiation. So she came with me to support me during the test and we are happy. I had no intention of buying a bag but this is a great way to celebrate.
  8. First one! The color is better.
  9. That is wonderful news Lexie! Hugs to you! I am glad you got yourself a new bag- you definitely deserve it!

    The second one is adorable! :smile:
  10. Lexie, all I can say is You have GREAT TASTE!!! :supacool:

    You will LOVE that bag, I promise! The freakiest part is that you won't want to stop touching it....:nuts: :graucho:
  11. Congratulations on your new pink Kooba and on your healthy mammogram. Isn't a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness? If so, it definitely suits the occasion.
    Ladies: Please don't forget your annual mammogram.
  12. Why not wear a big pink ribbon on your new pink Kooba bag? Every woman who's life has been touched by breast cancer will know what that ribbon stands for and smile inside.
  13. Oh Lexie, maybe I shouldn't have found these bags, I want one now, LOL

    Glad to hear that you and your mum are alright, enjoy your bag:yahoo:
  14. Glad to hear you are healthy. It's news like that that puts all this handbag fun in perspective. Take care.
  15. Yes, the pink bag really caught my attention due to the Breast cancer awareness ribbons. My best friend also had breast cancer this year. It was much more severe and aggressive. She now finally is getting her hair back in from the chemo and she always wears a ribbon.

    Grace, tell me about the size of this bag if you would.