which's your b bags owner heroes?

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which b bags owner is your hero?

  1. olsen twins

  2. nicole richie

  3. lindsay lohan

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  1. as the most b bags owner in this world, i think :P
    which do you like the most?
  2. i must say mine is the olsen twins :P
  3. I would have to agree. As much as I love Nicole Ritchie, she has been spotted wearing a fake b-bag plus she does not seem to take care of the ones she has.
  4. Shouldn't Kate Moss and Sienna Miller get a mention, since (in Europe at least) the city and first styles are actually nicknamed after them?
  5. olsens :tender:
  6. i was thinking to put lovely kate on the poll, but i guess i decided not to, because i was more focused with celebs who had tons of b bags like at least more than 5 :P
  7. i think LiLo would fall into the chanel catagory with mischa barton when compared to bal and the other contenders.
  8. Olsen Twins
  9. How are they named after them? I've only ever heard of the Kooba "Sienna" ... ???
  10. You forgot to mention Christina Aguilera,
    she has tons of bbag
  11. Definitely MK and Ashley Olsen for me because I feel like they wear bbags because they really love them and not because some stylist gave them to wear. Lindsay I feel like she just wears everything famous. :rolleyes: So I don't count her as a "bbag hero." I might have said Nicole before... but I've kinda been thinking she only wore bbags because of Rachel Zoe because I haven't seen her with any bbags since she split with Rachel. :sad:
  12. In Europe, the city is known as "the Kate" and the first is known as "the Sienna" - unless I have it backwards. It's just nicknames, not the official Balenciaga name.
  13. i'd have to say NICKY HILTON then NICOLE
  14. OLSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

    and HELENZ ...

    just saw your signature... did that i see that right?? CALGARY ALBERTA????????... HOW COME?? that's where I AM AT!!!
  15. Nicole Richie spotted with a FAKE? *GASP!!* Do you have pictures? I think I have to see it to believe it!! Aw, I would have totally chosen Nicole Richie because I LOVE her style, but I'm not going to choose her if she was, indeed, spotted with a fake.