which's your b bags owner heroes?

which b bags owner is your hero?

  • olsen twins

  • nicole richie

  • lindsay lohan

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Jul 4, 2006
Definitely MK and Ashley Olsen for me because I feel like they wear bbags because they really love them and not because some stylist gave them to wear. Lindsay I feel like she just wears everything famous. :rolleyes: So I don't count her as a "bbag hero." I might have said Nicole before... but I've kinda been thinking she only wore bbags because of Rachel Zoe because I haven't seen her with any bbags since she split with Rachel. :sad:


Oct 29, 2006
I would have to agree. As much as I love Nicole Ritchie, she has been spotted wearing a fake b-bag plus she does not seem to take care of the ones she has.

Nicole Richie spotted with a FAKE? *GASP!!* Do you have pictures? I think I have to see it to believe it!! Aw, I would have totally chosen Nicole Richie because I LOVE her style, but I'm not going to choose her if she was, indeed, spotted with a fake.