Which Zucca? Paradiso, Inferno, or Spiaggia?


Which Zucca? Paradiso, Inferno, or Spiaggia?

  1. Paradiso Zucca

  2. Inferno Zucca

  3. Spiaggia Zucca

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  1. Hi,

    I am almost 100% certain that I will return my Pirata BV that I got yesterday for a Zucca, but I don't know which Zucca to get. :confused1:

    I can get my hands on a Paradiso Zucca and an Inferno Zucca tomorrow, and possibly a Spiaggia Zucca in a month or so.

    Which one should I go for? The Paradiso? The Inferno? Or the Spiaggia? :confused1:

    (This will be my first and possibly only Tokidoki; so i want a print that's fairly versatile...)

    Thanks so much in advance for everyone's replies :yes:
  2. i have an inferno LOVE it!
  3. Ah, I noticed after voting for "Spiaggia" that you live in toronto...yeah, a beach theme in a cold place...not so great. I'd get a Paradiso, because it's blue, and cute, and cloudy, and adorable. :biggrin:
  4. I meant to vote for Spiaggia, not Inferno. I do love Inferno, though, so that's ok. I want a Spiaggia Zucca, too. I have nothing in that style yet.
  5. Wow you can get an inferno zucca? A lot of people are looking for those and I think its cute in that style, I would go for that or the spiaggia...

    The spiaggia is more readily available though...

    I'm not a huge fan of paradiso. Too many babies on it for my taste.
  6. Well I'd suggest Inferno just because they are the hardest to find.

    Paradiso is really cute too.

    Do you wear more RED or BLUE? That would be the deciding factor if I could only get one.

    Even though I LOVE Zuccas, I don't really care for it in Spiaggia as it's impossible (for me) to find a good print placement. I don't like the brown beach scene, I can't stand headless girls and I don't want someones bikini clad chest showcased on the front (or back) of my bag. So I opted out of a Spiaggia Zucca and got a Gioco (and a Bambinone) instead.

    (Amore Zuccas are also REALLY cute... - still looking for the right one)
  7. i voted paradiso cuz its the easiest to match w/. but i do agree w/ dreamsoftoki...i think Amore steals the show as far as zuccas go :]
  8. lol. bikini clad chest. :lol:
    i don't have an inferno, but i think that would be really cute in a zucca. paradiso seems more like a warm weather color. i think inferno would be good all-year round.
  9. I voted for Paradiso!! I have one myself and I love it!

    An Inferno one would be awesome too!! But its a pretty dark print.. so if you want to match your outfit.. make sure its ok with the inferno. BTW, where in the world can you get an Inferno Zucca?!?!!

    *GASP* The Zucca :queen: (DreamsOfToki) didnt get a Spiaggia zucca?! What is the world coming to?! Hehe I'm kidding. I know what you mean though, its really hard to get a good placement on the Spiaggia Zucca. I'm not a fan of the strip of PINK thats in the ocean/sky.. its just a bit odd. And I like the sky on the top of the bag, the beach in the center, and the ocean on the bottom.. thats how gravity works. OHHHH but Maya has a gorgeous Spiaggia Zucca!! Its lovely :love:
  10. I say go inferno, the pattern looks good on that bag.
  11. I Voted for an Inferno Zucca :smile:

    Where are you getting your Inferno Zucca? I missed the boat at the outlets and am regretting it :crybaby:
  12. Whoa! If you can your hands on the inferno zucca, that's the one I voted for!
  13. I definitely think Paradiso Zucca looks best....but that's just my opinion :biggrin:
  14. I voted for Inferno, but I really like the Spiaggia too! Where are you able to get an Inferno zucca??? I want one!!!

    Thanks Dana! I love my zucca too!!!
  15. i voted Inferno.