which zippy wallet?

  1. the violette vernis or should I just get the practical mono one? thanks
  2. Mono!!!
  3. love the violette!
  4. I much prefer the mono in the zippy. Will last MUCH longer and stay prettier longer and you won't have to worry about color transfer. I have a habit of throwing the newspaper or a magazine in my BH and if I had a vernis zippy wallet, and it got hot, it would be ruined. Too much worry for me. I love the mono zippy!
  5. Go for the punch of color the violette will give you. They're really durable and unless you mix water & paper in your purse or heat up things unreasonably you shouldn't have to worry about color transfer.

    I smile every time I see one of my vernis wallets, and the zippy is my very fav!
  6. I got some color transfer on a vernis item solely from having a magazine in my purse and sitting at a ballgame. It can happen. I just wanted to mention it because I was heartbroken.
  7. I say go for the vernis because I never keep any loose papers in my purse. If you want to be worry free, go for the mono. It's still very nice!
  8. violette vernis. i think with normal use it will hold up well but i never really liked the monogram canvas so im biased against it.
  9. How can you say no to this color? So gorgeous! Definitely Violette!:tup:

  10. I have the Mono Zippy, so I vote for that one :p
    I really love the violette, but would be too afraid to damage it or to get color transfer.
  11. I guess it depends on what other bags you have, if you like to match or not, and which one you really love. The violette would add a nice splash of color like the other posters mentioned, but the monogram is very practical and possibly more durable?

    Good luck deciding and let us know which one you go for! ;)
  12. ~I have heard abt. the color transfer from my SA as well. I'm careless w/ my wallet, therefore I would def. go for the MONO. Sorry to hear abt. your wallet *Charleston-mom*:flowers:~
  13. violette
  14. violet looks better but monogram last longer.....
  15. My vote goes to mono.