Which Zippy Coin Purse??

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Which Zippy?

  1. Citrine

  2. MC

  3. Rose Angelique

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hey everyone! I'm currently waiting for my new light pink Chanel mini flap so in the meantime I've decided to purchase a new wallet to go with it. Which one do you think would be the best choice?

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  2. i vote for rose an.
  3. thanks for posting the pics too as i wsnt familiar with the citrine color
  4. I vote MC , it goes with everything without being too matchy-matchy
  5. I vote MC. My SA told me they're being discontinued soon ;)
  6. REALLY?? I didn't know that! Hmmm
  7. Mc!!!
  8. Mc
  9. do you have a pic of the chanel? easier to vote....😊
  10. I don't since I'm still waiting for the purse! :sad: It's similar to this color though, a very pale pink. (Picture borrowed from Tutu)

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  11. Yeah, I got mine this past weekend and she told me that if I wanted it to get it now because they're discontinuing it soon.

  12. Definitely the MC after seeing the pic - it'll add the perfect pop of color!
  13. I probably wouldn't get such a light color for the wallet.... difficult...
    what about empreinte black?
  14. I vote for MC :smile:
  15. I've decided to not get citrine. So now I'm stuck choosing MC or RA.. Hmm! They're both very cute!