Which Zippy? Cannot make up my mind!

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  1. I am thinking of getting a new wallet.. but am torn between MC White, MC Black or the Azur.... :wtf: I have seen the photos on the forum and they are all so pretty.... Would you please help me to make my choice :yahoo:
  2. I would definitely get a MC Zippy.

    The MC Zippy is BEAUTIFUL in both Black and White but if I had to choose I would get the WHITE MC ZIPPY. :tup:
  3. the mc white or the azur would be nice...
  4. i prefer the mc zippy in black :smile:
  5. will the white MC get dirty easily?
  6. I would definitely get the MC zippy in black!
  7. Ooh I'd get the MC Zippy in black!
  8. MC zippy in black!
  9. i have the mc zippy in black.....i have never loved a wallet as much as this one!!! you never have to worry about it getting dirty.
  10. mc white! such a pop in ur bag!
  11. Those were the three I was deciding among. I picked the zippy MC white. Love it! :yahoo:
  12. White MC Zippy!
  13. my friend thinks azur is a bit too causal... MC is much more girly =P which is more me...

    :graucho: this is no good.. so tempting to get both MC black and white ...
  14. will eugine wallet be coming in MC?
  15. MC Zippy Black