Which ZC should I get?

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  1. I am planning to buy my very first marc Jacob but am torn between getting the black quilted black zc or the beautiful grey non quilted one. I love the grey colour but am afraid that it will show marks easily. Please help me make a decision. TIA!
  2. black is too blah and grey will show dirt easily....what about grey
  3. ^^opps... i mean what about bordeaux
  4. I wish they have more colours at my shop. The only colours are black and grey!
    For black they have the quilted and non quilted ones. Grey comes in non quilted. I like the design and was attracted to the grey colour. So classy and different but I am so worried about marks. It does look like it will scratch and stain easily.

    So should I just get the safe black one or the lovely grey (which I will worry a lot when I use it, but I love love the colour!)

  5. I would get grey. Even if it shows marks more easily...it's so gorgeous!
  6. i have the grey quilted and it doesn't show dirt...then again, i am not throwing it around everywhere!
  7. You should get what pleases you the most!!
  8. I vote for the grey too. When it comes to zc I prefer the soft calf style over the quilted so maybe thats why.

    I have a soft calf zc in linen, which is a VERY light color, and have used it every day for over about a year and a half and it still looks great. So I wouldn't worry about the ligher color too much.

    Let us know what you decide.
  9. get the grey one. it sounds like that's the one you want anyway. don't worry about it getting dirty. since it's a concern for you, you'll be careful with it. i have a grey zc (it's quilted) and i have no problems with dirt or stains whatsoever. as for the soft calf showing scratches and/or other signs of wear, i've found them to be very durable. i've accidentally scratched my bordeaux zc on more than one occasion and it still looks perfectly brand new!
  10. i would get grey, if it's a choice between balck and grey......i'm sorry but be classic in your attire, black in accesories seems kinda boring, expecially with all the colors out there
  11. I'd get the grey. It's the new black.

  12. Definitely the grey, it just looks so beautiful!!! :smile:
  13. haha, i'm spying on the lilac at Saks too.. but i'm waiting for some sort of deal or coupon :/