Which Yurman bracelet?

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  1. I currently have two 5mm Yurman bracelets: gold dome and x single row. I feel that they are a little too petite, especially since I wear them with Extra Large Oval Link Chain necklace.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of which size or style are their favorites... I am thinking a 7mm or 10mm gold dome or onyx, but would love to hear opinions!
  2. You know what's crazy about the One-of-a-kind Mosaic Cuff? That it's BACKORDERED!!!:wtf:

    I guess there ARE that many people out there with 50K laying around!
  3. That is insane! And a tiny bit out of my price range.
  4. This is really pretty! Or, you can get it in a silver/gold combo for much less money
  5. I do like 7mm though and forgot to say that!
  6. What hits you? Post some pics and we can help you decide.
  7. These are my top choices:

    [​IMG] 7mm Gold Dome (does anyone perfer 10mm?)
    [​IMG]7mm Thoroughbred Buckle
    [​IMG] 7mm w/ black onyx

    And the link bracelet posted above in silver and gold to match my necklace.
  8. I really like the oval link bracelet.
  9. I love David Yurman, and I get a lot of use (and compliments) out of my 7 mm bangle with lemon citrine end caps. The greenish stones really work as a neutral and go with quite a lot.

    (Personally, I would avoid the gold-dome end caps; why not pick one of the pretty gemstone colors instead? Those gemstone bangles are really DY's signature pieces, right?)

    Here are my Yurman bracelets...

    Here's a better pic of the lemon citrine bangle from NM...
    David Yurman bracelets2.JPG Yurman from NM.jpg
  10. Cosmo, that's a beautiful collection! I do have the citrine ring, they are gorgeous in Yurman settings!
  11. Good Lord! Where are they and how do I get them to MY website!!! LOL :roflmfao:
  12. I love David Yurman bracelets.....my favorite one is the 10mm. I also have a 7 mm too.

    Here's the 10 and the 7 together:


    Here's the 10 mm alone:


    Here's my 10 mm with my new John Hardy diamond bracelet, I love chunky bracelets together:

  13. ^^^Love your Yurman bracelets, LambLovesChanel. Isn't it so fun to mix and match them? (Looks like we might have the same one; 7mm w/ lemon citrine???)
  14. Birdie...does your eye tell you to go for a 10mm? My vote is 7mm.

    I also like the 7mm with that two-toned linked bracelet. It really is stunning! I tried the combo on.

    I happen to agree with Cosmo...I think you should choose one cuff with ends comprised of stones. Pick the stone color you really love and will work with your wardrobe. You should also ask about colors you don't always see. There are many you can order that aren't easily found in the stores. Some do cost more money and others don't. It just depends on the value of the stones.

    I love your choice combo right now.