Which YSL would you choose:

  1. I ordered a bronze YSL pony-hair muse from Neimanmarucs.com for $800 but then went to the YSL store today and found a Gold Bugatti for $630. I got the Bugatti because it was less expensive and i thought the phony hair could wear poorly. I think i like the style of the muse better than the Bugatti though. What would you keep and what would you return?

    PS The YSL store on 57th st also has some amazing shoes and cloths for sale. Great prices
  2. I just realized it;s a yse not a bugatti. sorry.
  3. I have the Muse, but I think Yse is very beautiful and I think I would go for it. If the price is better and you like it, than keep it. But if the Muse is closer to you, then you should keep this one and just don't care for the price. The both bags are expensive, so the difference is not so big. I know I'm no help, but maybe post some pics if you can :smile:
  4. I would go for the Yse. I just am not at all fond of pony hair... it kind of creeps me out.
  5. Wow!
    You found some great prices for YSL!
    I have a pair of overpriced pony hair shoes and can't tell you how disappointed I am after only wearing them twice.
    I'd have to vote for the gold for you.
    Best of luck
  6. I'm not a fan of pony hair, I would go for the gold instead. Can you post pics?
  7. If the Yse is metallic, I personally would keep the pony hair. Im not a fan of the larger metallic bags.
  8. I love the Yse bag in yellow :smile:
  9. I don't like pony hair at all