Which YSL would you choose:


Oct 10, 2006
I ordered a bronze YSL pony-hair muse from Neimanmarucs.com for $800 but then went to the YSL store today and found a Gold Bugatti for $630. I got the Bugatti because it was less expensive and i thought the phony hair could wear poorly. I think i like the style of the muse better than the Bugatti though. What would you keep and what would you return?

PS The YSL store on 57th st also has some amazing shoes and cloths for sale. Great prices.
I prefer the muse, but not ponyhair. I have a medium choco muse (which I have never used!). It is lovely...must take it out for a spin....


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Not to sneeze at the $$$amount, but if you are already spending $630, you might as well spend the extra $170 and get the bag style that you really love. If you keep the Bugatti...you save that money, but may end up not getting your money's worth out of the bag because you ared not crazy about it!!!
I don't think the pony hair will wear well. Why not spend a little more and get a regular buffalo leather Muse? It will last longer and be closer to what you really seem to want.
I agree with the regular leather. It is so easy to take care of compared to some of my other bags and it's durable. I think you won't get sick of the regular leather whereas you might get sick of the pony hair. Also, in the summer, the ponyhair might see a bit to stuffy to wear. :yes: