Which YSL to buy? - Kate or Sunset?

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Which YSL bag should I get?

  1. YSL Kate Gold Hardware

    5 vote(s)
  2. YSL Kate Croc Silver Hardware

    8 vote(s)
  3. YSL Sunset Bag

    2 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi guys, I’m having a difficult time deciding which YSL bag to get.

    I would like to use this bag for upcoming weddings but also casually on weekends or out to dinner.

    The Sunset Medium is roomy and would fit all my essentials but I’m concerned it will look too bulky for night wear? But it would be such a practical bag for daytime or dinners.

    The YSL Kate as always been on my Wishlist but I could never decide between the caviar leather with gold hardware or the crocodile embossed with silver hardware. Which look do you guys prefer?

    Please help - YSL Sunset Medium or which Kate Bag? Thank you :smile:

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  2. Kate bag! It’s more elegant. And I agree with you, the sunset just looks bulky. Alternatively I would recommend the medium envelope because it’s truly classic & just stunning. But I know many people are having bad wear and tear issues with it. Mine, while two weeks “old” is great so far! Fingers crossed.
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  3. Thank you Dorinda80. Envelope bag is also on my Wishlist but I think I’ll be getting the Large at some point. Which YSL Kate do you prefer? The classic black/gold or the semi-matte crocodile with brushed silver hardware?
  4. I love the Kate! #TeamKate
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  5. Classic black with gold! So gorgeous
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  6. I agree with the others that the Sunset is too bulky for weddings and such outings. The medium Kate is a great size. Both the crocodile embossed with silver hardware and the classic black/gold are stunning. Do you wear more gold or silver jewelry? That could be a factor in deciding which one to pick.
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  7. Hi I don’t wear much jewellery so I don’t have an issue there, but when I do wear it it’s usually gold. I don’t mind mixing my metals though. However I would like a bag that goes with most outfits and versatile enough for day and night.
  8. If you don't mind mixing your metals, then perhaps go with the silver/crocodile embossed one. I went with classic gold/black and I tend to use the bag mostly for less casual/evening outings. Its a difficult decision because they are both so beautiful!
  9. It’s definitely a tough decision for me. The gold one is so classic but the crocodile one is so very edgy and unique.
  10. #10 May 16, 2019
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    They are both great, so whichever one you pick, you will end up with a gorgeous bag. So I would say, pick the one that you prefer more - seems like its the crocodile embossed one?
  11. I have the croc embossed with silver hardware Kate and it's a stunning bag. Mine is pale grey/ silver. It is so elegant xx
  12. Hi is your Kate Small or Medium? I am thinking i will get the Small in Black/Gold but i am not sure if it's too small.
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  13. I have the medium one xx
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  14. Kate
  15. Thank you yes I’ve narrowed it down to the Kate. I’m just deciding between croc embossed or grained caviar leather. :smile:
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