Which ysl muse bag should I get? any of you have one of these or both?

  1. [​IMG]

    opinions? thanks much
  2. I like the top one because of the contrast
  3. Aren't those the yres (or something like that) and not the muse? I think angst has one.
  4. oh right... they're not muse sorry for the confusion...
  5. The top bag is the Bugatti, and the bottom bag is the Yse.

    I have the chocolate brown Yse, but mine is oversized, not large (like the one in the picture). The chocolate Yse is divine!

    I LOVE the style of the Yse and think it is super classy. I love the suede piping down the front of the bag, the suede "Y" formation on the side of the bag, and the lock on the side of the bag. That being said, I HATE this color combination. I've seen it in real life and I think it is just awful. My chocolate brown Yse has a beautiful, eye catching color contrast between the suede and the leather, but the color on this Yse all blends together. It's not very versatile either; it's too gold, but it's not a metallic, so it's in this weird in between place.

    I am also NOT a fan of the metallic Bugatti. The color is too loud and gaudy for my tastes.
  6. i prefer the first one
  7. Thanks angst! what's the diff between the bugatti and the yse? besides the color? is it the size? they look the same to me in the pic (design wise)

    ...and are these two nicer than the muse? or muse is still better?
  8. I prefer the Yse. I think (and angst can confirm) that the Yse is a bit more expensive than the Muse. Except for the price, it is nice to have something that is a bit different than what the rest of us have.
  9. The first bag is a winner!!!! Love it!
  10. You're welcome. I'm not sure why YSL didn't call both bags the Yse. I don't think that the name has anything to do with the size, because the second bag that you pictured is called a Yse and it is technically the large size. My chocolate brown Yse is the oversized. Perhaps the Bugatti has a different name since it is metallic?

    The Yse has much nicer leather than the Muse does. I'm not saying that the Muse doesn't have nice leather, the leather on the Yse is just a much higher quality. It is thicker and much more durable, and the color on my chocolate brown oversized Yse is much, much richer than the color of the chocolate brown Muse. Plus, you get the suede detailing on the Yse which you don't get on the Muse. I think the Yse is more striking than the Muse is, plus, it's more original than the Muse, which a lot of people are carrying. Here's a picture of the chocolate brown oversized Yse (the same bag that I have) from YSL's marketing campaign.

    yse model promo shot.jpg
  11. chigirl is correct: the Yse is more expensive than the Muse. The quality is better though, so I think it's worth it.

  12. wow that's a beautiful chocolate......i want that one!!! much more beautiful than the beige.... so the yse only come in 2 colors? chocolate and beige? and how about for the bugatti? apart from the linen one with leather trim ( i don't like that one that much)
  13. Yes, the chocolate is GORGEOUS. I'm so sad to be selling mine. I wish I could keep it. I keep having second thoughts, but I'm afraid it has to go. The oversized comes in chocolate and an olive green color. The olive is kind of bland though. The large comes in olive and also the beige/gold color that you pictured. YSL never made the chocolate in the large size. The only Bugatti I have seen is the metallic one that you pictured at the top of the thread.

    The Yse also comes with a shoulder strap, which can come in handy if you need to have your hands free. If you're curious as to what the bag looks like with the strap attached and worn, I have pictures of me with the Yse and the strap in my WTS thread in the Marketplace.
  14. i prefer the bugatti (first one). love the bronze.
  15. I too have heard that the leather is thicker on the yse bags - but that's why I prefer the Muse - It's a light bag for being so huge. I recently got the oversized Chocolate Muse and i've been falling in love with it (I wish I wasn't!) The chocolate color is so dark it's almost black -it makes it very special. I also like the "Y" design on the Muse. But of course either model would be a beautiful bag.
    Here are some photo's of Jessica Alba with her Chocolate muse.