Which Xmas present from DH?


Jan 26, 2013
Hi all! I'm on a ban, but my DH wants to get me some LV for Xmas :love::happydance:. I am deciding between the Caissa Clutch in RB, the Alma B'N'B in red or raisin OR a SLG combo of the red Vernis 6 key holder and a matching red Vernis Clemence wallet. The price of any of these is fine by him, he just wants me to pick sth I like and these are the items on my wishlist. Which should I pick?


Jul 26, 2013
Dallas/Ft. Worth
I like the Alma B'N'B in raisin, but is the strap adjustable? I think the Caissa Clutch is pretty and description of the inside sounds nice, but will the chain hurt your shoulder if you're out and about for awhile? I know some women on the Chanel forum say the chains do hurt after awhile. You have some great options to choose from[emoji4]
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