Which wristlet?

  1. Legacy Whiskey Brown Leather Wristlet #40708


    The Legacy Stripe Wristlet #40231?

    This is for my whiskey Ali.
  2. Legacy whiskey brown LEATHER...definately :yes:
  3. I agree. Thats what I have for my black Ali and it matches PERFECTLY!
  4. The leather!
  5. That's what hubby said! I think it'll last longer (since the stripe is the scarf material which I know gets dirty VERY easy).

    Do these old a decent amount? I like to carry my phone (blackberry pearl), my cards and some chapstick where ever I go and I'd be using this as my wallet (I have a fossil checkbook wallet now).
  6. They have two left at San Marcus outlet and I have one on hold but no way to get it lol. The gas it would cost wouldn't be worth it and I have a friend who lives up there but I have no way to get the money to her. Boo.
  7. Can you paypal her? You just add 3% for fees. :yes: Otherwise they may hold it a little longer and you could send her a MO.. or you can do a charge/hold and pay for it on the phone and they keep it for 2 weeks.. but you would have to be the one to pick it up then. Good luck! :tup:
  8. I don't think she has paypal. I could pick it up, just not in 48hrs LOL. I'll call and ask them. Thank you!!!!
  9. leather for sure less likely to stain and sure to keep you happy longer!
  10. The leather!!