Which Wristlet would YOU choose?...pics

  1. Hello! I am looking for a cute Summer (& spring) wristlet to use. I found the Fish one at Steinmart today for only $45!! They had ALL 3 colors, but I picked the purple one. But...I am also considering the Poppy Sig Demi (there's one for $54). Which would you all choose???? - if ANY. Or should I go with a good old standard one (leather, etc...)?
    fishwrists.jpg poppy.jpg
  2. I LOVE the poppy!
  3. me too
  4. I like the poppy one the best.
  5. I have to say Poppy too!
  6. Me, too. Here's the hesitation though...the one that's for $54 is on eBay. The seller has 96.4% positive rating. They have 2 negative comments since 2003 - the most recent being just a few days ago.. the buyer complaining about not getting a refund. However, I've seen where the seller has sold these wristlets before with no problem. Plus, the buyer doesn't even look like they can speak/write very good english, so.....should I be concerned or jump on it??? Here's the link...
  7. poppy for sure!
  8. I'd say go for it. Nobody can please every buyer and I'm sure there's a reason for non-return-- plus it's a great price and definitely looks authentic.
  9. Thanks! That's what I was thinking, too...but you never know!
    Also, here's another question...should I get the sig poppy wristlet or THIS one (the white leather one...is $50 MORE though!):
    whitepoppy.JPG poppy.jpg

  10. I'm not a white leather fan; I think the cheaper one is much prettier IMO!
  11. i personally think the leather poppy looks nicer
  12. no fish please!! so poppy!
  13. I like the leather poppy one. Those framed wristlets are adorable and much easier to get in and out of. The brilliant splash of color from the poppy is perfect on the white background.
  14. agreed!!!!
  15. No fish or poppy, go for leather. You will use a leather one longer. It may cost more upfront, but I bet you'll still be wanting to use it in a year. IMO, in a year you will be sick of the fish or poppy and wonder why you bought it. If you want to get something that you think is cutesy, I would go super cheap and get something at Target, so you dont feel bad when you are sick of it.