Which wristlet will match

  1. I don't know why this is bugging me so bad but it is.

    I got a new black leather bag yesterday with silver hardware. The bag also has light blue leather on the handles and light blue interior (Hamptons Medium Striped Carryall)

    I like to use a wristlet in my bags - the problem is all my wristlets have the brass hardware and I don't have a black wristlet.

    My Macys has on hold for me the Black Patent Wristlet - but I believe it has the brass hardware. Would that bug you to have the brass on the wristlet? Granted, it's not much....

    My other option is a black zebra Dooney wristlet, which would be cute but it may bug me that it's not a Coach.

    So.. does it bother you if your accessory hardware is different from your handbag hardware?
  2. gold and brass should look fine together.

    i mix a large dooney zip wallet (rainbow dooney and bourke words) and my red patent leather tote together =) i also have a small c wristlet and a red med mini in there as well.. i guess what i am saying is whatever make you happy..

    if you think it will bother you then it will..
  3. Nope. I think either option would be fine :yes:
  4. ditto:yes:
  5. well im weird...lol. i like it all to match...and that is my issue too at the moment. my makeup bag isn't coach...and it annoys me. but then i don't want to put makeup in a coach makeup bag...lol im nuts. but yeah i think that the patten one would work.
  6. well, either way would be okay..
    sometimes varieties would add cuteness to your bag:girlsigh:
  7. If I want my stuff to match, I focus more on the overall patterns/colors like I have a black signature hobo with silver hardware and a hamptons mini skinny and wristlet both black signature with brass hardware, so the signature material matches but not the hardware and I'm still happy :yes:

  8. I agree too, it doesnt really bother me that my signature "brown" wrislet does not match my black stripe signature tote so I guess for me the hardware wouldnt be a big deal either, lmao.
  9. LOL...My cabinet hardware and ceiling fixtures have to have the same type of metal!! So, for me it has to match. But if you don't mind, that's all that matters. YOU are the one that has to love it. No one but you will notice!:yes:
  10. That is too funny! I was thinking the same thing today about a makeup bag. I would love to have one of the new sig/pink stripe ones, but I wouldn't want to ruin it. I think I'll keep it in my "free gift with purchase" makeup bag.:nuts::smile:
  11. For me, that would bug the living *stuff* out of me. I go nuts if everything doesn't match...I just can't do it.

    Maybe try the outlet for a black wristlet with nickel hardware?? I have one that is an older Soho model that I love!
  12. I think either would be just fine, really! :yes:
  13. For me, yes....but then I am like that. Other people can totally rock it, but it's just cuz I have issues. LOL. See my Signature. LOL.
  14. Woo-hoo! I am not the only one!! LOL. :wlae::jammin: