Which wristlet will go best with new camel ergo

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Which wristlet will go the best with my new ergo tote

  1. Ergo patent wristlet in teal or camel

  2. Tattersal coated

  3. heritage stripe wristlet in grass or pink

  4. none of these

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Or the heritage one in pink, thanks !
    To go with this bag [​IMG] or none of the above. I made a mistake in the color, I think the ergo on is pond.
  2. im in love with the teal....
  3. [​IMG]
    Really liking this one. Plus it kinda matches the legacy lining/scarf.
  4. That one is gorgeous ! Do you know what color it is and if it is available at Macy's ? I am hoping to use the friends and family discount at the end of this month, thanks.
  5. ^^ That one is brass/rose, $58. I have no idea if it's available at Macy's (I'm a Canadian) but it's not on the Macy's site. The wristlet's on the Macy's site that I do like are...
    http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=307120&CategoryID=25320# in camel
    http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=282942&CategoryID=25320# in white

    But I love the leather bleeker wristlet. If Macy has more wristlets, I would try to find a solid bright colour that would match one of the colours in the legacy lining.
  6. Thank you, the rose in the bleeker looks a lot more magenta than the rose in the legacy which seems lighter online. After you posted I looked at it online !
  7. IMHO, I voted none of these... I think this wristlet would be really cute with it... the khaki/camel sig wristlet...
  8. ^ agree!
  9. Thank you so much, I love this wristlet. I can't mix hardware though. The hardware on my Ergo is brass. I know, I'm crazy !
  10. Hi! I voted for the Tattersall coated canvas....it would look so pretty w/ your new Camel Ergo tote!!! Any of these would though! Good luck choosing! BTW...your new Ergo tote is TDF!!!
  11. Thank you ! I love the tattersal too and the heritage but I keep picturing the tattersall to look the best out of the two . I don't have anything in khaki signature and wanted something in a small peice like wristlet or wallet so I keep going back and forth. I think it is between the tattersall and the heritage in either grass or pink.
  12. o... oops! should've looked at the hardware... my bad Mrs.MC... I'll keep looking for ya!! ;)
  13. Thank you !