Which wristlet to go w/my Navy Satchel??

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Which wristlet should I get?

  1. Blue Patent

  2. Pink Patent

  3. Neither... Please provide a pic or a reason...

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hey everyone... most of you already know that I bought the pleated ergo navy patent satchel... now I'm trying to debate which wristlet I should pair up w/it... I'm torn between both colors because I think they would both be really pretty... which one do you think??
  2. Suggestions or comments would be nice too on why you voted what you did.... ;) thanks!
  3. I picked neither. I am suggesting instead the pleated ergo wristlet in a fun color like burnt orange to pop against the navy. Since you have the bag in patent, why don't you get the wristlet in regular leather? There is no pic of the wistlet yet on the forum but I think Maja80 ordered one in natural & Donnalynn ordered it in black, so hopefully they'll be able to see pics as soon as they get it.
  4. ^^^ITA luvamoramore... I saw those wristlets in the lookbook at the COACH store... they are SOOOO cute! I just wish they would've made them in more colors... like a pink leather or something... hmmm... so many decisions!
  5. I love magenta and navy together. If you are going to use this wristlet as a wallet though I think the capacity wristlets are too big. Didn't they make a signature stripe wristlet with a navy stripe ? I will look
  6. I picked pink, of course. LOL! :smile:
  7. I found it [​IMG]
  8. ^^^oooo a sig wristlet w/a navy blue stripe??? I would LOVE THAT!! yeah if you can get a pic or find one Mrs.MC that would be wonderful! Thanks in advance!! :flowers:
  9. pink!! coz it would be a stunning contrast with ur navy ergo.
  10. oooo... love it... where did you find it? ebay?
  11. I went for the blue. I really like how the two shades of blue work together. The wristlet will still pop even tho its in the same color family... I think staying in the same color family would make a better match...
  12. what color hardware does your satchel have ? These came in brass. If this doesn't bother you if it is different then I would get it I think it will add texture and a little contrast but will compliment the bag.
  13. ^^^LMAO... WHAT?? I think it is! hmmmm makes me wonder what people are doing while they are taking these pictures... haha :lol: