Which wristlet should I pick? *Long*


Which wristlet(s) should I choose?

  1. Straw wristlet - $168

  2. (2) Ergo wristlets @ $68 a piece x 2 = $136

  3. Duffle wristlet - $88

  4. (2) Pebbled leather wristlets @ $68 x 2 = $136

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  1. So... I have a dilemma. I want some/a wristlet(s) but I can't figure out what to choose. I'm starting to attend events where I don't want to carry a whole purse but want enough space to carry my phone (a Treo), lipgloss, money, cards, etc. The highest I'm willing to go this week is obviously $168 (gotta save for vacation). Please help me choose. :confused1:

    And does anyone have these wristlets? Are they a good fit?

    Should I get:

    Straw wristlet - $168

    (2) Ergo wristlets @ $68 a piece x 2 = $136



    Duffle wristlet - $88



    (2) Pebbled leather wristlets @ $68 x 2 = $136


  2. i like the pebbled ones. i was also considering a duffle wristlet before, but when i saw it in person it seemed pretty small.

    oh i'd also add the carly wristlet as a potential option-- so cute and very much like a clutch.
  3. The straw wristlet is HUGE!!
  4. I think the duffle looks nice. But, before everyone else asks it~ Where is the Legacy?
    The Legacy leather is so nice.
  5. I see! I meant to post the dimensions too but it was already a job to post the pics to flickr and link them here. Do you have the straw? How much does it carry?
  6. I like the duffle. However, have you seen the Carly? I love those!
  7. I second adding the Carly wristlet as an option. If you are looking for space, the Carly is the largest. You can use it like a wristlet or use the strap to attach it to the interior of one of you other bags. I also think the Carly is more versatile than the other too. Can be used year round depending on which color you choose.

  8. Treos are a pretty decent size. Out of these choices, I would say the straw or duffle because they're a bit bigger. I actually like the Carly best! (and it's bigger too)
  9. Sorry. :sad: Guess I didn't think about those. But it would be hard to choose because I would want the black and white one.
  10. Hmm. I didn't think about the Carly. I did see it in the store and liked the size. :biggrin:
  11. Here's another vote for the Carly wristlet!! It's a nice size that should hold what you need it to hold.
  12. Oh goodness. :rollseyes: You all are making this harder. :biggrin:
  13. what kind of "events?"

    i like the straw the best, especially for s/s evening outings, and it's also a very nice size. the others i highly doubt will hold a treo as well as the other things you mentioned without showing some serious bulge (which is ugly, imho).
  14. Grown and sexy young professionals events. :biggrin:
  15. I vote for the straw it is great for the summer and looks dressy enough to carry to events!