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  1. Please help me decide! I'm looking to purchase my 2nd Chanel, a larger more versatile everyday bag.
    I currently have a vintage small flap, black lambskin gold hardware.
    The 2 I'm looking at are:
    a. black calfskin Luxe Ligne jumbo flap with silver hardware
    b. black vintage caviar tote with gold hardware
    I've attached the pics.. please help!

    Attached Files:

  2. Black calfskin Luxe Ligne jumbo flap with silver hardware
  3. b looks fab from my perspective. :flowers:
  4. Luxe Ligne!!!!
  5. Oooh the Luxe Ligne is beautiful! :love:
  6. luxe flap for sure.
  7. for an everyday bag, I prefer the tote :yes:
  8. b. looks more like a everyday casual bag.
  9. Luxe Flap :smile:
  10. Both are excellent choices, but my vote is for the black vintage caviar tote. Good luck with your decision.
  11. luxe flap!!
  12. i would vote for (b) as an everyday bag. easier to access things in and out of bag.
  13. agreed
  14. Definatley the second one!
  15. Definitely Luxe Flap! It's one of my favorite non-classic flaps. I love it so much I got two (metallic black and silver) when it came out. It's very versatile and hold quite a lot. There are several modeling pics from tpfers at:
    Post photos of your Luxe Ligne Bag!!
    and Rachel Bilson's:

    Good luck with your decision. :smile: