Which would you rather ?

  1. Ive just been thinking about this...heres the question, would you rather Ugly designer clothes or beautiful none designer clothes ?.

    EG. A Chanel dress is in a store for $400 on sale and its so ugly...its pea green with feathers on it, then you go in walmart and thers a black strapless dress that reminds you of a gucci one you saw last year. Which would you buy and why ?...is it a matter of designer tags or cheap store ?
  2. Okay, I have not worn RTW in over 10 years, but I'll have a go. I will spend my money on something that flatters me. I will not wear something just because it has somebody's name on it.
    Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but "designer wear" is crap. Even more so since they're asking a king's ransom for it. The quality and materials are cheap and no better than what you would find at department stores. I visit the stores regularly to see what's going on and look these garments over pretty thouroughly. I make the sales associates nervous, then they're pissed because I walk out of the store empty handed.
    My clients are happy, because I can tell them what's in style.
  3. I'd rather wear something that looks good on me. Who cares who made/designed it. But I love my LV bags!
  4. I buy the clothes I like, and that flatters me! Some people just buy designer clothes because it has a designer label!
  5. I will always pick something that looks good on me and isn't from a designer over something that is ugly and is from a designer. It's better to spend your money on something that you will actually wear and feel confident in.
  6. It's not about buying high-end or low-end. It's about buying clothes that flatters you and makes you feel like a queen or princess in that outfit. I like shopping at multi-label stores because I like to mix and match with the different designers in comparison with let's say, Chanel where everything is Chanel. Umm...I do shop at Chanel. What catches my eye and makes look good in them whether low-end or high-end, I buy.
  7. I agreed with all of you. It is a must to wear clothes that flatter you and what you like. I would definitely chose a no brand piece than a designer piece I am not the least bit attracted to. I always mix and match with high end and low end clothes. I think its about the overall look and not looking like your a fashion diasaster.
  8. I only own four pieces of designer clothing. Everything else I own came from stores like Lane Bryant. I buy what looks good on me. If you have good accessories, even an outfit bought at Wal-mart will look hot!
  9. Whatever fits me and is flattering!! I can always dazzle it up with a bag, shoes, or jewlery- but I do not need to be all decked out in designer wear- IMO it can actually just be tacky
  10. I totally agree. I tend to mix and match my wardrobe in a way that flatters my figure the best. Another thing I tend to do is recycle some of my classic pieces with something a little trendier to add some contrast (for instance accessories, bags, jewelry, shoes, etc).
  11. ummm....there's probably a reason why that chanel dress is still on the sale rack. An ugly dress is just an ugly dress.
  12. No cheap clothes should be bought if they don't flatter you....so NO chanel even if its one dollar! (although I know thats impossible) lol..my point is No Never buy clothes for its label.
  13. I do like designer clothes but if I have to choose ugly designer clothes and beautiful non designer clothes, I would go for the beautiful one. Generally I buy designer clothes but if I like them and if they are beautiful.
  14. I agree that you should choose clothes that flatters you. However, I don't agree that wearing all designer has to be tacky. And accessories will glam up the look. It all boils down to every single detail from the dress to the bag to the shoes to the hair to the makeup and even to the nails and breath. Everything is important. I pity those girls who wear sloppy clothes and carry a designer bag thinking that they look cool. Unless if you're copying exactly what the models wear from the runway, wearing all designer does not have to be tacky.

    At the end of the day, it's how you pair up an outfit together whether all designer, all non-designer or whatever. Please stop the thing about pairing up between low-end and high-end. That's the same just like looking at the labels and the prices before you make up your mind on what to wear.

    Stop looking at the labels. Whether you go to Chanel or Walmart, don't look at the labels and just focus your eyes on which dress looks good on you.

    Same applies for bags. Not every LV bags are beautiful. Same goes for balenciaga and hermes birkin. Not every color and size suits you. Buy the bags that looks good on you followed by whether you like it or not.:supacool:
  15. i agree with you all, ladies!!
    i care about how a dress looks on me, who cares about the brand?!?!