Which would you rather substitute?

  1. OK, I know the answer will be "neither", but if you HAD to (hypothetically, Ladies) which would you rather substitute, COLOUR or LEATHER?

    For instance, if you could get the EXACT bag you wanted - colour, size, h/w, but only in a leather you're not too fond of, would you do it.

    Or if you could get the EXACT leather (say barenia) right size, right h/w, but wrong colour -

    which would you be happy to substitute?

    Personally, I thought I could substitute colour, but not leather (I'm passionate about certain leathers), but I have been offered the exact bag I want, but in a leather that I don't love...
  2. that's too hard. because colors look different in different leathers. so say i love indigo in epsom (shut up) but they only have it in togo it's technically not the same color.

    see? ok, i disproved your entire argument. what now?
  3. LMAO at the shut up!!!!!!!

    No, you haven't. It's not too hard. What if they discontinued epsom...then what? You'd dump indigo altogether?
  4. And...it technically is the same colour.......LMAO!
  5. i think color is more important than leather. color is such a subjective thing and so prominent aesthetically. besides h makes so many nice leathers. i happened to love clemence only after owning it for some time.

    any hints as to what you're considering???
  6. well cause everyone here is a total epsom snob. or a leather snob. or something snobby of some sort relating to epsom and me and mountain dew.

    damn you for getting me on a technicality!
  7. Something blue, Kim!
  8. Hmmm...just don't know...there are some leathers I could not do...there are some colors I could not do...
  9. I wouldn't compromise. I am VERY picky. It has to be just the right thing - or nothing.

    If I really, really had to - color. NEVER leather.
  10. LMAO H - you always crack me up! OK, I took a liking to epsom the day a Lady Friend of ours bought something epsom in NY last April - it was HAWT BABY!
  11. Ugh...I hate compromising when it comes to H. It depends on the degree of dislike for the leather for me. Leather is very huge for me, so if it's not my first choice, but a skin I could live with and didn't absolutely detest, then I would go for the color I wanted in the substitute leather.

    If it were a leather I couldn't stand, and I HAD to pick, then I'd go for my favorite skin if the color weren't too off for me. If the shade were totally wrong, then forget it, and back to my first scenario (does this make any sense?).
  12. You know what? Me too, Merika.

    I'm gonna pass.
  13. Well, I really buy piece as a whole and having compromised in the past in certain ways, I'd never do it again, because I always regret it.
    However, I'll play along for the sake of your questions.
    In terms of color/leather, I'd always choose leather because I love some leathers and would buy almost any colors in them.
    In terms of the size/color, I say size...because I have made that mistake before and it was wrong. You know that I was recently shown my dream Barenia in the wrong size and had to wave good-bye, just for that reason....So I look for a bag to cover my thighs first and foremost, ;)!
  14. what? who bought something in epsom when you were in ny? did someone buy my indigo epsom kelly with the blue jean trim? I KNEW IT WAS A BOARDIE. the truth finally comes out. who was it? fess up!
  15. PERFECT sense!!!!!!:smile: