Which would you rather have, and why?

  1. Cabas, I like the shape of it better. Threre is something about the shape of the Saleya that I don't like, I'm not sure exactly what it is though.
  2. Cabas Mezzo in Damier. The base of the Saleya is too wide. That's why they photographed it from the off side. When it is carried, the base adds width to your body and it just makes the whole person look BIG.

    Cabas Mezzo in Damier is thinner and more functional. If the bottom is brown leather it would be a bag from heaven...
  3. I tried them both on tonight and bought the Saleya - It was love at first sight - I like the other bag as well but this one was more for me.
  4. I really do like my saleya...I was just having fleeting second thoughts after seeing a lady with a mono Mezzo in Costco today.

    SuzyZ, I think you andI have similar taste in bags! The Saleya, the Audra, the Roxanne...hmmmm, I think there are a few more! :lol:
  5. I have to disagree. I don't feel it makes me look wider, but I am not real wide to begin with. :biggrin:
  6. I agree that the flat straps are easier on the shoulder than the rolled ones...but there is just something about the rolled handles, a la the Speedy, that I really like. I don't care for the Speedy only because it can't be carried on the shoulder. That is a must for me. :biggrin:

    Thanks for your thoughts. :smile:
  7. Cabas
  8. and we'll find them BJ !!! Let me know if you get the Saleya - It does not make me look wide (I am small too) It looks like a gorgeous large piece of Damier and it's a killer look!!!
  9. I already have the Saleya...I got it for my bday a couple weeks ago. I just haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. :sad: I also got a matching wallet and went back last week for the cute little cosmetic bag. :P

    When I saw the Mezzo being carried today in Costco...my indecisiveness started to creep in. I hate when I do that!
  10. Well, this conumdrum has not left me yet. :oh: I am sorry to bug you, but I need help!

    While I do not feel that the Saleya makes me look big, it is indeed a wider bag. When I put it on my shoulder, my arm hits the bottom of it just right so that it isn't the most comfortable bag I have to carry. The bottom of it is stiff. I love a lot about this bag...but that is the thing that bugs me and makes me hesitant about it. When I tried it on at the store, I only held it for a few minutes. The SA's had no one else to help, so I guess I felt self conscious that I was taking too long so I went ahead and bought it. When I upwrapped it a week later....it was then that I noticed the awkwardness of the base of the bag. Just this last weekend I even went back to LV to check out the GM, hoping that with the straps being longer that would cure the problem, but the GM is even wider!

    That said, isn't the Cabas Mezzo stiff on the bottom too? According to Elux's dimensions, it is only about an inch narrower than the Saleya MM. Is it because the CM has longer straps that the base doesn't effect the overall look as much?

    As sad as it makes me, I think I have to exchange the Saleya. I called Saks and asked if it is OK for me to return and special order the Cabas Mezzo in Damier, and the SA said that would be fine. First though, I am going to get a really good feel for the bag first....carry it around the store for a while. :biggrin:

    Thoughts and opinions on this would be greatly appreciated!
  11. So, will the bottom of the special order Mezzo be dark brown? Have you ever seen one anywhere? the leather on the bottom puts me off - and I love the cabas piano too but I'm too OCD for that problem.
  12. depends on what i'm going to use the bag for. as a handbag
    for travel

    If you s/o the mezzo in the damier i will come just like all the damier pouducts. No naked leather :biggrin:
  13. Saleya MM in Damier - love the wideness for work/shopping but not for day-to-day

    Mezzo - not too keen on the vachetta bottom, but I think it would look fab in Damier