Which would you rather get?

  1. Even though I am a HUGE fan of keepall, I would have to go with Sirius!!!:love:
  2. I am very fortunate to have them all. First you have to decide whether you want a handbag or luggage. I would chose luggage over a handbag any day. I love travelling with all LV luggage. ( I am such a show off!)

    If you want luggage I would probably choose the keepall because it is more versatile (IMO) than the Sirius suitcase. The Sirius is nice but you can't use it as a carry on (i think. I never tried it.) I actually have a Sirius 70 which I travel with more simply because it is larger and works for week long trips.

    Think about what you would get the most use out of before you make a big decision like this.
  3. The Sirius Is Gorgeous.....
  4. I think I want to get some more luggage over another handbag because I already have quite a few. And I've asked my SA if the Sirius 55 could be used as a carry-on, and they told me that it can but just not the 70. Right now I'm torn between the Sirius and the keepall. But I'm scared that I'll give in to the Damier Speedy when my SA tells me that it arrived. Ahhh...I'm so indecisive. :Push:
  5. I like the Sirius
  6. I like them both, but, I would say the Sirius :smile:
  7. I love them both, but I am going to have to go with the Keepall, I absolutly love it. But they are both fabulous!
  8. Keepall!!!!!!!!
  9. i'm going to say: Keepall
  10. keepall =D
  11. I'm not even going to consider the Speedy when comparing luggage..though I think Damier Speedy will be very nice.

    However, I love my Keepall 55...50 is also good, but I figured..the bigger the better.

    In regards to the Sirius, I wouldn't go for the 55 because you may not be able to carry it on. It is technically over the size limits. If that is the case, i'd rather buy a 70 (bigger) if you have to check it in.
  12. OK, simple choice, do you rather carrying a carry-on with sagginess or without. The sirius has more rigid shape than Keepall. Both Keepall 50 and Sirius 55 should be okay to use as carry-on. It depends on your airline carriers and aircraft's size.

    But, I would seriously consider getting a luggage with wheels. I travel a lot and the walk from check-in to the gate is no longer nearby. Unless you have a luggage stroller, else you would have to hand carry those luggages, which they usually get VERY heavy and tiredsome.

  13. I like the keepall.
  14. keepall!