which would you pick??

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Which would you choose?

  1. Sandstone Hobo with GH

  2. Natural Hobo with GH

  3. White Hobo with GH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. let me know your reasons :tup:
  2. I've seen the Sandstone GH Hobo IRL and I think it looks stunning! I also happen to be more partial to Sandstone than I would to Natural or White. :yes:
  3. i love the sandstone as a color but the gh on the hobo is TDF in natural ... amd the white .. well .. amazing!! .. but too afraid of getting it dirty .. aaahhhh
  4. I love the natural... it's a such delicate color...between sandstone and White !
  5. It was a hard choice between Sandstone and Natural but I picked Natural. I have a Natural Shoulder and I LOVE the leather and wish I would have gotten a bigger bag in this color.
  6. Natural, its in between both colours, I saw it today at selfridges and it is just sooo preety! Im scared of white its a bit garish but the natural is just softer and 'prettier' imo! xx
  7. I'd pick Sandstone, it's a stunning color plus I am scared of real light bags! Though, the natural is GORGEOUS too!
  8. sandstone because it is sooo beautiful
  9. ITA - and i think it would look the best with the GH
  10. Sandstone because it is SOOOOO PRETTY and will go with anything in every season and won't get dirty as easily....:tup:
  11. Sandstone by FAR - its extremely pretty with gold GH. The gold enhances the sandstone and the colour goes from nice to STUNNING.

    Trust me. I've had a SS day with GH on shoulder once (sold out now) and my jaw dropped.

    Its a slightly 'golden' colour too but still neutral. Beautiful.
  12. Sandstone is stunning with GH.. the combination is great! Go for it.. :graucho::yes:
  13. I voted for the sandstone because it is such a pretty color and it could take more wear than the white IMO.
  14. Both the Sandstone and Natural are gorgeous with GH and great in the Giant Hobo style. I just sold a Giant Natural Brief and returned a Giant Sandstone Hobo! Both colours are amazing but the Sandstone will be much easier to keep clean and will go with jeans, browns, whites any neutral really. I just found it was more versatile than Natural.

    If you really like a lighter colour I would keep the Sandsone now and get Ivory with GH :heart: for fall! IMO, it will be even greater than Natural