Which would you pick - Epi Eugenie or the Epi Pochette Wallet


Which would you pick? ( you know I need both, but can only have 1)

  1. Epi Eugenie wallet?

  2. Epi Pochette Wallet

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  1. I’m totally loving the new epi colors!!:love::love:

    I can’t decide between the Epi Eugenie or the Epi Pochette Wallet, so I invite your thoughts and input!

    I love them both - Any reason why you like one over the other?:idea:

    Thank you so much!
  2. I love the bling on the eugenie, that'd be my choice ! :yes:
  3. I would pick the Epi Eugenie --- it has a lot more cc slots and I love that press lock closure in the front. So beautiful!
  4. i love the p/w wallet with 2 tone color
  5. Does the Eugenie come in the two tone:confused1:
  6. I'd pick Epi Pochette Wallet. I love Eugenie, but I never bought it because I think the buckle gets scratch too easily, and will look worn out in short period of time.
  7. I'd get the Pochette Wallet .... :yes:

    The Eugenie buckle would get on my nerves as it would be hard to not scratch and it would make the wallet thicker and heavier, IMO.
  8. Definitely the pochette- it's lighter and the contrast lining is STUNNING!
  9. Do you guys think the Eugenie is fatter than the pochette?
    Some of my wallets take up too much room, so that came to mind.
  10. I think you should get the pochette. I love the look of the eugenie with the buckle but I think it opens up kind of big. I also think the bills compartment is hard to get into. And like others have said, pochette comes two toned!
  11. Epi Eugenie for sure, I love the closure and there are loads of CC slots.
  12. Thanks Sweet purple :smile:

    I need to be like you and get both :nuts::nuts:
  13. Voted Pochette. I have the Pochette in Mono and it is my best wallet.
  14. ^^^ Oh definitely do that! I'm enabling you ... lol!