Which would you pick...05 indigo or 07 marine city

  1. If you girls had a choice which would you prefer...I am leaning towards the indigo as I think the marine might be too navy although I have never seen either IRL...also as I have no 07 bags yet, which of the leathers are better...I hear the 07's are actually very good this year...Thanks for your comments...
  2. I much prefer Indigo. It's a lighter blue but still very vibrant and has a lot of character. The Marine is a much darker blue with no overtones, and just doesn't do it for me. And 05 leather tends to be better, even though 07 is a step up from 06.
  3. I own and love the marine 07...the leather on the marines I have seen so far were very thick and smooth and smooshy! I think in some lighting, it almost has a purplish overtone... But it is a dark blue compared to the indigo.
  4. i like the marine, i feel like it would match more of one's wardrobe since it's darker. But both are beautiful, you can't go wrong!
  5. i prefer marine.
  6. I prefer marine, too. And, I prefer the newer leather as well. The leather from spring 05 was thick and matte and I don't love it as much as the silky, glossy leather they use now. I think it slouches better.

    However, you should go with what your gut tells you. Also, I used to own a indigo work and it was nice, but the color didn't blow me away like I thought it would (and I didn't see any undertones to it, either).
  7. I've only seen photos, but I prefer the 05 leather and indigo.
  8. I like the indigo because I think that the color is more vibrant. Both would be good choices though.
  9. i like indigo too...it's a really pretty color.
  10. totally INDIGO!!! its such a yummy colour!
  11. I like marine, it's one of my favorites Balenciaga colors ever!
  12. both colors are lovely, but i would go w/ marine.
  13. Indigo...
  14. I love the Marine and the 07 leathers are GORGEOUS!!!
  15. Indigo! 05 leather is buttery soft and slouchy.......:smile: