Which would you pic - What Caviar Jumbo with New chain or Classic Chain?


Which White Caviar Jumbo would you purchase?

  1. White Caviar Jumbo - New Chain?

  2. White Caviar Jumbo - Classic Chain?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. :shrugs:I just cannot decided between the two.

    I feel so stuck with which one to get and would love any input you may have:tup:
    What one would you purchase?
    Any reason why you like one over the other?

    I value your response - thank you;)
  2. I think the new chain is so beautiful. I voted new chain.
  3. Thanks Piperlu

    I appreciate your input :smile:
  4. I voted for the old chain. The new chain kinks up. lol. And I think that the one with leather is easier to stay on the shoulder. The new chain is also cold in a sleeveless top.
  5. thanks for your thoughts Kathy :smile:
    ....your Pearl bag is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I prefer the classic chain for myself.

    The new chain is beautiful and I love it on other people but it isn't really my style.
  7. I love the new chain.
  8. If you have a purse with a classic chain, try getting the new chain.

    Personally, I'm a fan of the new chain, but I like the classic chain too.
  9. Love the classic element of the old chain. That's my .02!
  10. I prefer the old chain too
  11. Another vote for new chain...
    The old chain reminds me of my mom's chanel bag, and I want to have something a bit different than hers ;)
  12. I love the look of the new chain but think it's pretty heavy - and I saw a reissue with the leather all scratched up from the chain :oh:

    whoops edit: that being said, I think it would look smashing with the white caviar, which is much more durable than the washed caviar from that particular reissue. I vote new chain!
  13. I love both chains. I think on a white caviar bag the NEW chain would look gorgeous. It gives it a modern flare. I think everyone should have at least one new chain!
  14. I like them both too. Buit if you have the flap with old chain already, I would pick the flap with new chain.
  15. i like them both. i'm trying to decide between the classic chain and new chain also. i'm planning on getting a black caviar jumbo in the next few days, but i can't decide on the chain. sorry...i'm no help! can't wait to see what you decide on.